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Get in: noted more expensive ETA online services
If you are visiting for a holiday of less than three months, there are three types of visas you may apply for, depending on your nationality.
* '''Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) subclass 976''', is available on-line [] to nationals of [[Brunei]], [[Canada]], [[Hong Kong|Hong Kong SAR]], [[Japan]], [[Malaysia]], [[Singapore]], [[South Korea]] (ROK) and [[United States]]. A service fee of $20 applies. This fee can be waived if you obtain your ETA through a travel agent. However, there are online services which charge much more, as much as double, for the ETA. If applying online, stay with the government service to save money.
* '''eVisitor (subclass 651)''' for citizens of the EU, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland and a few European microstates. These visas are free, but otherwise effectively identical to the ETA. You must apply on-line. []
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