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Stay safe
Taganga is a great and idyllic fishing village. Many tourist, local and international, visit this beautiful place every year. It has great charm and the surrounding attractions are plenty.
Although Taganga is a popular place to go, it has also it's share of problems. Mainly with the infrastructure and public services, but also with theft and robbery. Be careful when you walk alone at night or in remote areas. Enjoy your visit.
Welcome to Taganga. You will love it!
*<eat name="Babaganoush Restaurant/Bar" alt="" address="above dive center tayrona" directions="Cra. 1 No. 18 - 22" phone="318-868 14 76" url="" hours="17.00-23.30" price="" lat="" long="">A new restaurant opened by the previous (Dutch) chef from Casa de Felipe. Beautiful place with nice sea view, lounge area and terrace. International cuisine: pumpkin soup, beef carpacio, vitello tonato, curries, tikka masala, pastas, fresh fish fillet, Filet Mignon with red wine or blue cheese sauce and homemade desserts. Sunset Happy Hour 17.00-21.30.</eat>
* '''Taganga Xtreme''', Nice place on the beach front. Have (beach) clothes as well. Great coffeebut bad service.
* '''Che Luis''', Usually very crowded with locals and Israelis. Mostly an Israeli place and very loud as well. A lot of food for little money, but not the best quality though.
* <sleep name="Techos Azules" alt="" address="Sector Dunkarinka Cabaña 1 - 100" directions="" phone="(0057-5) 421 91 41, Cel. 316-648 07 31" url="" email="[email protected], [email protected]" checkin="" checkout="" price="Around COP $20.000 per person, discounts can be contracted if you are in a group or staying for a longer period." lat="" long="" fax="">Nicely placed at the entrance of the town, it has hammocks, private rooms with bathroom, "cabañas" (two rooms, sitting room with kitchen, shower with toilet). Beautiful views of Taganga and the bay.</sleep>
* <sleep name="bayviewBayview Hostal" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="" lat="" long="" email="" fax=""> Located next to hostel Moramar, in front of the football field. Very friendly Colombian staff. Private rooms and fan/AC dorms available, all quite clean. Prices as of December 2012 (high season) Fan dorm 20,000 COP, AC dorm 28,000 COP. Plus if you buy one night you get the next free. Large communal kitchen, small lockers for valuables, Free Wifi, and computers you can use for a small fee. Nice pool in the back. They organize many after parties in the pool..</sleep>
* Another option is to ask around for an apartment or room to rent. There are gringo shacks and rooms for rent all over town. But be carefull; most of those places to stay do not have running water and you never know who has another key. Taganga has a long history of people's belongings disappearing as everyone in town often have keys and people lose stuff the day they are scheduled to leave. There is always the option of find a person who's renting a room in their house, or seeing who's out of town and turned their home into a temporary guest house. If you do this, be sure you trust where you are staying, and bring your own locks as a precaution. Also, Taganga has no water due to political issues, so there are times where water can be an issue. Most of those renting places are ilegal. They do not have permision to rent out those rooms.
Taganga has recently become notorious for mugging and robbery, so regular precautions should be taken.
There are quite a few 7 small beaches outside of Taganga (15 minutes walk), which are connected by walking paths covered by vegetation. These paths are used by local robbers, especially on late hours when there are not many people walking to and from. Do not walk there by yourself. Wait for a small group. If you carry valuables with you and don't feel adventurous, it's better to take a boat (3 minutes; COP $3.000).
If you consume illegal/recreational drugs be careful of getting shaken down/searched/harassed by the local police. If they find anything on you be prepared to be taken into custody and threatened with jail unless you pay an on-the-spot fine (in cash, of course). Anyone traveling with you is also subject to harassment and could be made to contribute to your "fine" as well. So, better not using drugs in public.
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