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===By plane===
Athens airport is a major hub in the Aegean, Balkan and East Mediterranean regions. Air Canada, United Airlines, US Airways, and Delta and Olympic maintain non-stop flights from North America, while a large number of European carriers fly direct into Athens.
====The airport====
===By regional coach===
Regional coaches (KTEL) connect Athens to other cities in Greece. The fleet of buses has recently been upgraded, which makes the journey pleasant and safe. For some destinations one can also use the buses of the railroad company (OSE, see next paragraph) that might be international, but can also be used for in-country transport.  At times there are collaborations with companies from adjacent countries such as Turkey, Bulgaria,Serbia, Macedonia FYROM and Albania, so your best move will always be to ask on both the bus and the train companies about your available options.
===By train===
Cruise passengers on larger ships usually reach the main cruise terminal by port shuttle bus; otherwise, it can be a non-trivial walk. Smaller ships (e.g., 1200 or fewer passengers) may dock near the easy walk. From the terminal, pedestrians face a safe, level walk of over a mile to the Piraeus Metro station; taxis are readily available to go there, but are not inexpensive.
==Get around==*[ (video)]
Public transport in Athens has improved by leaps and bounds in the last ten years. The simple €1,40 ("integrated") ticket lets you travel on any means of transport — metro, suburban trains, trams, trolleybuses, buses — with unlimited transfers anywhere within Athens (except the metro airport line east of Doukissis Plakentias and the airport buses) for 90 minutes, and you can also get a €4 ticket valid for 24 hours or a €10 weekly ticket. Workers at the public transport are lately on strike at least one day per week, causing major troubles on traffic of Athens. Make sure that you are informed before your arrival because there is a strong possibility that you reach the airport and have no means to go downtown, or vice versa.
The new '''Athens Metro''' system [], opened in 2001 (and followed by a restoration of the old Line 1) and currently being extended, is a wonder to behold, and puts many better-known metro systems to shame. Many metro stations resemble museums as they exhibit artifacts found during excavations for the system (i.e. Syntagma). Greeks are very proud about the new subway system, so do not even think about littering and by all means avoid any urge for graffiti- you will be intercepted by security at once. You are also not allowed to consume food or drink in the subway system. During rush hour, it can become very crowded and you must leave personal space at the door. There are three lines:
* '''Line 1''' (Μ1 – [ ISAP]): '''Piraeus – Kifissia''', connects the port of Piraeus and the northern suburbs of Athens via the city centre. Note that during 2010 there is major disruption at the use of this line due to renovation works of the train tracks. Currently, only the Monastiraki station platform to Piraeus is closed but Monastiraki is also served by metro line 3. Be sure that you keep an eye on your personal stuff when using this line and be prepared for people getting in the train and asking for money. Note that line 1 is a rather old line (lines 2 & 3 are the new subway system of Athens). * '''Line 2''' (M2 – [] Attiko Metro]): '''Agios Antonios Anthoupoli – Agios Dimitrios''' connects western and southern Athens.
* '''Line 3''' (M3 – []): '''Egaleo – Doukissis Plakentias – International Airport''' connects the south-western suburbs with the northern suburbs (Halandri and Doukissis Plakentias stations) and the International Airport.
Validate Metro uses the "integrated" ticket that costs €1.40 as of January 2013. Tickets can be purchased over manned booths or automated vending machines (some of which accept banknotes) in every station. You must validate your ticket at prior to going to the validation machines upon entering the stationplatform. Failure There currently are no turnstiles controlling access to do the trains, so will entail in theory you could try to ride for free, if however you're caught without a properly validated ticket you'll be asked to pay a hefty 60x the normal fare [currently €84]. Greece's latest economic misadventures have led into intensified inspections in a try to raise more cash; keep in mind that refusing to pay the fine if on-the-spot guarantees that you are caught by ticket inspectorswill be escorted away to the nearest police station for a background check and potentially notify your home embassy. The standard metro fare is  From the moment of validating your €1.40 ticket, you can use it to ride any "Metro" train to every station (as except the Airport) or any of May 2011the buses or tram (see below) for trips between all stations except the Airport line, east next 90 minutes. It's perfectly fine to reverse direction of Doukissis Plakentias. This allows travel with all means of public transport and unlimited transfers for the same ticket, as long as you are below the 90 minutes. If mark; if your last trip is expected to go beyond it, you must validate your ticket for a second and last time just before your last tripthe mark. In more recent times, you may finish this last trip even after as a sign of solidarity to those most affected from the financial crisis, many Athenians elect to "drop" their still-good 90 minutes expired-minute tickets in convenient locations near the station entrance for the next person to pick. While you might feel tempted joining or trying to benefit from them, keep in mind that giving away or accepting an already-used ticket is '''illegal''' and you can get fined for fare evasion (see above) or station littering.
For €4 (Aug 2012)If you plan to do multiple trips within a day, you can it makes more sense to buy a 24-hour ticket (which again, works for all public transport in Athens, apart from destinations except the Airport lineairport) for €4. This needs to be validated only once, at the start of the first journeytrip. The standard fare to or from the Airport is €8 (as of Aug 2012), €14 for a return trip within 48 hours, €14 (as of May 2011) for a one-way trip for a 2-person group and €15 (price outdated) for a one-way trip for a 3-person group.
Bear in mind that there are often multiple entrances Subway is daily from 05:30 am to the stations midnight, except for Fridays and often they go straight to the platform, so remember which entrance Saturdays when it is for whichup till 2 am. It Riding late at night is open from 5am to midnightvery safe (stations and trains are heavily monitored and policed) so you should not have a second thought about it.
===By suburban rail===
Athens is certainly not the city to go around with a bicycle, as it does not have much bicycle lanes and the car drivers tend to drive quite aggressively. Nevertheless (or maybe because of this) riding a bicycle in Athens has become lately some sort of a political (counter-)action, especially by young people with an alternative lifestyle. In general, tourists not familiar with the terrible Athenian traffic are not advised to use a bicycle as a principal means of transport. Small rides are safe though in the long network of pedestrian streets around the Historical Centre of the city and can be quite enjoyable indeed.
The initiative My City with a Bike [] taken by the General Secretariat for The Youth [] and several NGO's offers free conducted tours with free bikes every Saturday and Sunday from 10AM to 3PM all year round except for the rainy days. All you have to do is book 10 days in advance either by email ([email protected]) or phone (8011 19 19 00).
===On foot===
[[Image:Ac.agora3.jpg|thumb|250px|The Tower of the Winds and the ruins of the Roman Forum]]
[[Image:Parthenon_acropolis.jpg|thumb|250px|The Parthenon at the Acropolis]]
[[File:Guard ceremony in Athens.png|thumb|250px| Guard ceremony in Athens]]
[[Image:AteneOlympieionDaAcropoli.jpg|thumb|250px|The Temple of Olympian Zeus and Hadrian's Gate seen from the Acropolis]]
[[Image:Old Greek Parliament Athens.jpg|thumb|250px|National Historical Museum (Old Parliament)]]
Because of its antiquity and influence, Athens is full of '''museums and galleries.''' The major ones are the '''National Archeological Museum''' near [[Omonia]], the '''New Acropolis Museum''' by the [[Acropolis]], the '''Benaki''' [ (video)] and '''Museum of Cycladic Art''' in [[Kolonaki]], the '''Agora Museum''' near [[Monastiraki]], and the '''Kanellopoulos''' and '''Folk Art Museums''' in [[Plaka]]. Details of these and others will be found in the district sections.
====Arts and Culture====
The visual arts enjoy a big share in the Athenian cultural and everyday life. Next to big institutions such as the '''National Gallery''' and the '''Benaki Museum''', a big number of small private galleries are spread within the city centre and the surrounding areas, hosting the works of contemporary visual and media artists. In recent years a number of bar galleries have sprung up, where you can have a drink or a coffee whilst visiting an exhibition.
*'''The National Art Gallery''' [ (video)] is located at Michalakopoulou Street, close to '''Evangelismos''' metro station and is one of Greece's main art institutions and features paintings and works of art from some of Greece's and Europe's best from the 19th and 20th centuries. Emphasis is given to popular Greek contemporary artists including Giannis Tsarouchis, Domenikos Theotokopoulos (a.k.a. El Greco), Theodors Vrizakis, Nikolaos Kounelakis, Nikiforos Litras, Konstantinos Parthenis, Maleas, Giannis Moralis and others
*'''The City of Athens Technopolis''', an industrial museum of incomparable architecture - among the most interesting in the world, has been transformed into a multipurpose cultural space. The centre has assisted in the upgrading of a historic Athens district and the creation of yet another positive element in Athens' cultural identity. Technopolis is located at '''Peiraios Avenue''' & Persefonis Street, right next to the Kerameikos metro station (line 3).
===Disabled Access===
Most attractions in Athens offer free or discounted admission for disabled people living in the European Union (badge or card required). The discount is not advertised and you have to ask staff to get the information. You will also be offered assistance and lifts access if necessary.
*[ Ways to see the historical center of Athens (video)]
* Attend an event at the '''Athens and Epidaurus Festival''' []. It runs during the summer and offers a wide spectrum of events covering almost every taste. Try to attend a performance at the ancient theater of Epidaurus -a truly unforgetable experience.
* Every Sat/Sun you can join a '''free bike tour''' of the old area of Athens. To take part in this, you should contact the NGO Anthropos[] or call 210 8838914 but you can just turn up if you aren't able to contact them in advance. Groups meet at 10:40AM outside Thissio metro station.
* If the weather is good, head out of town on buses A2, B2 or E22 from metro station Sygrou, or the tram from Syntagma to the '''beaches to the south of Athens'''. Just get off wherever the sea takes your fancy. Be aware though that beach-side cafes can hit you hard with prices of food and drinks. If you are the only person getting on the bus, be aware that you need to flag the bus down to get it to stop or it will just fly on by.
* '''EasyCruise''', Syngrou Avenue 362, Kallithea , 176 74 Athinai, phone +30 211 2116211. The infamous cheap flight company now runs a variety of cruises from Greece (Athens) to Turkey and surrounding islands such as Mykonos, Paros and Syros. For the classic enthusiast, their tour company visits Acropolis, Epidavros, Nemea, Mycenae, Corinth, Olympia and Delphi.
* Watch a basketball game. The two major teams of Athens greater area belong to the elite of Europe and they offer high quality basketball. Panathinaikos dominates the euroleague the last 15 years and its main opponent Olympiakos is also a member of the Europe's top fly teams. Tickets are available out of the stadiums.
* Take a day trip to [[Delphi]] using the [[Delphi#Get_in|long distance bus service]]. 
* [[Kolonaki]] is the upscale, hip, and artistic shopping area. Another is [[Kifissia]].
* For a more reasonable price tag, try '''Ermou Street''', beside Syntagma Square. Turn right off Ermou at the MAC makeup shop and you'll find yourself on Aghiou Markou and other small streets which are home to incredibly cheap shoes, bags, jewellery, gifts, homewares, and so on. * '''The Mall''' at the Metro Station "Neratziotissa" (Line 1) is the biggest shopping mall in Athens with a large variety of shops, cafés and restaurants and, arguably, one of the most "hi tec" cinemas in the city. You can go there by using metro line 1 (Nerantziotissa station). * The '''Golden Hall''' is a shopping mall at '''Kifissias avenue''' in Maroussi and includes shops with luxury brands, as well as luxury cafés, bars and restaurants.
* The '''Athens Heart''' is a shopping mall close to the center of Athens.
* '''Street vendors,''' with their wares laid out on blankets on the pavement, can be found in many places where tourists congregate, especially in Plaka and Monastiraki. Their goods are mostly forgeries, cheap knock-offs, and illegal CDs. These vendors are unlicensed, which is in violation of Greek law, and you may notice them vanishing as soon as a policeman is in sight, to reappear the instant the police have gone. They are best ignored. (This warning doesn't apply to vendors of fruit, nuts, etc. from street carts, who are usually legitimate.)
[[Image:Plaka_Restaurants.JPG|thumb|left|250px|Restaurants (taverna) in the side streets of the Plaka district]]
* For quick, decent and low-budget meals that do not fall into the commercialized fast food category, try a souvlaki' (pronounced soo- VLAH-kee), mainly grilled meat (pork, chicken, it's your choice) vegetables (tomato and onion slices) and greek 'tzatziki' (pronounced tzah-TZEE-khee) which is yogurt enriched with garlic and cucumber. All the above (often accompanied by french fries) are wrapped inside a thin slice of pan bread, named 'pita' (PEE-tah). Prices of 'souvlaki' vary according to the confidence and/or nerve of the cornershop owner, but usually you can get one from €1.70 to €2.20; add some soda, salad and french fries and you can have lunch for no more than €7 - if you ask for a take away, the price is considerably cheaper than if you sit at a table. You can get souvlaki just about everywhere, especially where tourists roam, though they are a bit more expensive in those regions. The best souvlaki stands in central Athens are both in Monastiraki, adjacent to each other and just off the main square in front of the Metro stop: '''Savvas''' at Mitropoleas 86-88 and '''O Thanasis''' at Mitropoleos 69.  
* If you're interested in a sandwich, cheese pie, spinach pie or the equivalent of a fast snack, try Grigoris ('''Γρηγόρης''') or '''Everest''', two chains of fast food to be found in most districts of Athens and the rest of Greece. '''Goody's''' is the Greek equivalent of McDonald's and offers a fair variety of tasty meals, including pasta, different salads, burgers etc.
For listings of specific restaurants, see the individual [[#Districts|district sections]], especially [[Kolonaki]] and [[Plaka]].
* Go to the '''Psyrrí''' area (Monastiraki or Thisseio stop, Lines 1 and 3 and Line 1 respectively) for a number of smart bars and small clubs. It is the area immediately north of Ermou street between these two metro stops.
* The area north of Ermou street between Monastiraki and Syntagma has seen a considerably rise in the number and quality of bars during recent years. Aiolou and Kolokotroni streets both offer a fair variety of cafés and bars. '''Magazé''', '''6dogs''', '''Booze''' and all All the bars on Karytsi square (a small square at the end of Christou Lada street, behind Klafthmonos square on Stadiou avenue) can get very busy on Fridays and Saturdays, with visitors having their drinks even on the streets outside from spring through autumn, when the weather is nice.
* The area around the Kerameikos station, called '''Gazi''' (Γκάζι, ''gas'') has been the gay village of Athens for quite a few years. Since the opening of the metro station, in 2007, the neighbourhood has attracted all kinds of crowds. This is a home to dozens of bars, cafés and clubs, gay or not, as well as to small theatrical scenes, the latter one especially to the northeast of the area, towards Metaxourgeio.
*<drink name="Balux" alt="" address="Vassileos Georgiou B No. 58 Asteria, Glyfada," directions="" phone="" url=",babae&selected=introduction" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">Arguably one of the best bars in Athens for the specific style, to call it a bar is an understaement. Balux is large complex set right on the water in Glyfada, one of the trendiest neighborhoods in the city. It is open during the summer for swimming in the ocean or pool all day and turns into a lounge and full club at night. Where Athen's wealthy go to party. </drink>  
===Clubbing & Night Life===
There are many free wireless hotspots across the city. Wi-Fi internet connection is available at Syntagma Square, Kotzia Square and Theseion. Alternatively, you can go to one of the many internet cafés located in the center of the city. Many bars, restaurants and cafes offer free wi-fi for their guests.
The Greece's mobile network networks are second to none in terms of quality (3G/GPRS/GSMone of the first countries to roll out LTE in Europe) and Athens is very densely covered. Prepaid connections from all major operators(Cosmote, Vodafone and Wind) covers are available in most stores and offer very reasonably priced voice and data packages; you will be asked to show a passport and have your details registered at the whole citypoint of first purchase. Also, public Public phones are found all over the city and phone cards are available from most kiosks. 
==Stay safe==
* [[Image:Ja-flag.png|20px]] <listing name="Japan" alt="" directions="" address="Ethnikis Andistaseos 46, Chalandri" phone="+30 2106709900" email="[email protected]" fax="+30 2106709980" url="" hours="" price=""></listing>
* [[Image:mk-flag.png|20px]] <listing name="MacedoniaFYROM" alt="" address="Papadiamanti 4, P. Psychico" directions="" phone="+30 210 674 9585" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="" email="[email protected]" fax="+30 210 674 9572"></listing>
* [[Image:mt-flag.png|20px]] <listing name="Malta Embassy" address="Vass.Sofias Avenue 96" phone="+30 2107785138" email="[email protected]" fax="+30 2107785242" hours="" price="" url=""></listing>
* [[Image:no-flag.png|20px]] <listing name="Norway" alt="" address="Vass.Sofias Ave 23" directions="" phone="+30 2107246173" email="[email protected]" fax="+30 2107244989" url="" hours="" price=""></listing>
* [[Image:rp-flag.png|20px]]<listing name="Philippines" alt="" directions="" address="26 Antheon Street, Paleo Psychico 154-52" phone="(+30210) 672-1883 (+30210) 672-1883, 672-1837, (+30-697) 968-2921,(+30-697) 968-2921" email="[email protected]; [email protected]" fax="(+30210) 672-1872" url="" hours="" price=""></listing>
* [[Image:po-flag.png|20px]] <listing name="Portugal" alt="" directions="" address="Vass.Sofias Ave 23" phone="+30 2107236784, +30 2107290096, +30 2107257505" email="[email protected]" fax="+30 2107290955" url="" hours="" price=""></listing>

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