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Southeast Asia

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Cities: we've already got "bustling" for Bangkok
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| region2description=Home Crime was a major concern and they are still recovering economically from decades of war, but Siem Reap near the ancient city of [[Angkor]], still recovering from decades of waris a charming town with few safety concerns.
| region3name=[[East Timor]]
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| region4description= The sleeping giant of Southeast Asia and the world's largest archipelago, with more than 18,000 islands spanning three time zones. Home of the Komodo dragons and too many sights to see in one lifetime, they have improved economically into a G-20 nation.
| region5name=[[Laos]]
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| region5description=The forgotten, but growing, country of Southeast Asia, landlocked by Cambodia, China, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. It is a mountainous country that is becoming more and more popular on the backpacker trail. The entire town of Laung Prabang is a World Heritage sight.
| region6name=[[Malaysia]]
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| region7description=Military Ancient country with a history that includes both ruling its own Empire and being part of the British Empire. Until recently rather isolated under a military dictatorship open and now undergoing political changes and opening up to the adventurous travellertourism.
| region8name=[[Philippines]]
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| region8description=Asia's sleeping tiger that has yet to achieve its full economic potential. A unique fusion of the Asian traditions of hierarchy non-confrontation and respect for elders combined with the Spanish culture ideas of ''machismo'', romance and sophistication, it is the . The largest Christian nation in the region with over 7,107 000 islands and — most with beautiful tropical beaches.and flashing smiles
| region9name=[[Singapore]]
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| region9description=Clean and orderly island-city state. This is a model for all countries to follow.
| region10name=[[Thailand]]
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| region10description=The Land of Smiles with frenetic cities and chilled-out beaches, the most popular destination in the region. From the mountains in the north to the southern beaches; to the lights of Bangkok and Pattaya; Thailand has it all.
| region11name=[[Vietnam]]
* [[Bangkok]] {{-}} bustling, cosmopolitan capital with nightlife and fervour
* [[Jakarta]] {{-}} largest metropolitan city in southeast asia with both old and beautiful eveningsnew struggling with modernization
* [[Ho Chi Minh City]] (formerly Saigon) {{-}} bustling metropolis and now Vietnam's largest city and southern economic centre
* [[Kuala Lumpur]] {{-}} grown from a small sleepy Chinese tin-mining village to a bustling metropolis
* [[Luang Prabang]] {{-}} [[UNESCO World Heritage List|UNESCO World Heritage City]]: temples, colonial era architecture and vibrant night markets
* [[Manila]] {{-}} bustling hectic and friendly with an infectious smile and love of life
* [[Phnom Penh]] {{-}} striving to retain "The Pearl of Asia" title it had before 1970
* [[Singapore]] {{-}} modern, affluent city with a medley of Chinese, Indian and Malay influences
==Other destinations==
 <!-- this list is meant to be only a representative sample of nine ten major non-city destinations in Southeast Asia, not a complete list. Do not change before consensus on the Talk page. --> These are some We can not list every major non-city destination in Southeast Asia, so here is just a representative sample of ten of the largest and most famous more significant destinations outside of major cities.:
* [[Angkor Archaeological Park]] {{-}} magnificent remains of several capitals of the Khmer Empire
* [[Bali]] {{-}} unique Hindu culture, beaches and mountains on the ''Island of the Gods''
===Pre-colonial period===
 Before the arrival of the EuropeansEuropean invaders and colonists, Southeast Asia was home to several powerful kingdoms. Some of the more notable ones were the Funan and the Khmer Empire in northern Southeast Asia, as well as the Srivijaya, the Majapahit Kingdom and the Melaka Sultanate in the Malay Archipelago.
===European colonial era===
Most of Southeast Asia's major languages are not mutually intelligible. English is a traveller's most useful language overall, although for longer stays in any Southeast Asian country (except Singaporeand the Philippines), picking up at least some of the local language is useful, and essential outside the cities. There are also many Chinese in the area, although many Southeast Asian Chinese speak only southern languages like [[Cantonese phrasebook|Cantonese]] or [[Minnan phrasebook|Minnan]], and not Mandarin.
Unlike in [[Africa]] and [[South America]], with the exception of English and Portuguese, most of the colonial languages are no longer widely spoken, although in recent years, [[French phrasebook|French]] has been experiencing a revival in Laos, Cambodia, and to a lesser extent, Vietnam. Nevertheless, English remains the more practical non-native language for tourists in the other nations of the region.
[[Image:Spotted moray eel.jpg|thumb|250px|Spotted Moray Eel in [[Sabang (Philippines)|Sabang]], [[Philippines]]]]
===Adventure Activities===
Take a [ motorcycle tour] across Cambodia - a country that is home to some of the finest enduro terrain in the World.

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