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Santa Cruz (Argentina)

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{{pagebanner|Santa Cruz Argentina Banner.jpg}} '''Santa Cruz''' is a province in the [[Patagonia (Argentina)|Patagonia]] region of [[Argentina]].  ==Regions==  ==Cities==   *[[Rio GallegosEl Calafate]] : Access the Perito Moreno glacier from there.*[[El CalafateChalten]] : Hike to lagunas bordered by glaciers in the surrounding Parque National Los Glaciares.* [[Los Antiguos]] : Cherry farms and border crossing to [[Chile Chico]].* [[Perito Moreno]] : A town in the north of the province not to be confused with the glacier of the same name.* [[Rio Gallegos]] : Travelling hub to reach [[Ushuaia]] and [[Tierra del Fuego]] . ==Other destinations== * '''Cueva de las Manos''' : UNESCO World Heritage Site with paintings of hand over 9000 years old. ==Understand==  ==Talk==  ==Get in==  ==Get around==  If travelling on the Ruta 40, note that as of Apr 2016, about 70km of the road between Gobernador Gregores and Tres Lagos are still gravel and mainly in bad condition. It goes through some hills, is very windy and offers few/no spots protected from the wind. Especially due to rain and snow, a 2WD car was struggling to pass some sections of this road, and some cyclists were really miserable. ==See==  ==Do==  ==Eat==  ==Drink==  ==Sleep==  ==Get out== ==External links==[[es:Santa Cruz (Argentina)]][[pl:Santa Cruz (prowincja)]][[pt:Santa Cruz (província, Argentina)]] [[WikiPedia:Santa Cruz Province (Argentina)]] {{IsPartOf|Patagonia_(Argentina)}}{{outline}}

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