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English language varieties

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Words used
* ramp (highway exit) – slip road
** In US English, a "slip road" is a term for a street alongside a main highway to allow access to local businesses, sometimes also called a "frontage road" or, in both US English and Commonwealth English, a "service road".
*restroom/bathroom - toilet(s)/loo/WC**in the UK, Australia and Hong Kong, the singular form (''toilet'') is used to refer to the individual cubicles/units found in the room while in Singapore, the singular form refers to the entire room**in Philippine english, the term ''comfort room'' (or ''CR'') may alternatively be employedused
**However, people from the US also use 'toilet paper' to refer to the exclusively British term 'loo roll'.
**in Commonwealth English, a bathroom is where you take a bath or shower. A restroom is a place for office staff to take breaks (US English: "break room").

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