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WV conversation
3. [ The actual edit in question.] This would get anyone permabanned here at Wikitravel.
: Given how IB staff reacted to us, and the discussions taking place on Wikitravel, with unilateral bans, reverts, demotions, server-side tampering of revision history, lawsuits and god knows what else, with the explicit message that if we should leave (like the one I got personally), isn't it a bit rich that you are even present there? What exactly are you doing there? If its to protect IB interests, you are making yourself guilty of the exact same sin you accused us of, and believed to be unacceptable.
: Jpatokal is based in Australia, and the IP lead you posted is from a user in Finland. And even if he was there, how anything of the above constitute evidence is beyond me. And even if he did something, I fail to see how reacting strongly, and perhaps, wrongly to a corporate takeover of a website he had spend countless hours on for years, would constitute a threat to (censored). It all seems like a poor joke of a personal vendetta of your own. And I for one, don't mind the ban one bit.
: Ex WT-user activity here should have decreased significantly, once a new home was finally set up, so this all seems like a desire to keep the conflict alive, out of economic and perhaps legal reasons. Since you just lost two users, who you probably thought might save you paying for, more or less, full time admin staff - you'd probably really like to present yourself at the victims, rather than the corporate vultures you really are. Its almost pitiful, and I think you should just let it go, and save yourself further humiliation. -[[User:Sertmann|Stefan]]

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