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Balinese food
Immigration procedures for Indonesia require six months remaining validity and several empty pages in the passports of arriving foreign tourists. The incident caused uproar and prompted the intervention of then Vice-President, Jusuf Kalla, who insisted the culpable immigration officer be fired.}}
A new International terminal is to be being built at DPS , and when is due to open in 2013. When the new terminal is opened the current International facilities are to will be turned over to domestic operations. It is expected that these improvements will make Bali's airport a much nicer destination for airline travellers.
The adjacent island of [[Lombok]] also has a new international airport and in the near future it is likely to be able to assist in balancing the incoming traffic load by reducing some of the onward destination traffic currently arriving in Bali. The new airport in Lombok also provides a nearby safe alternative landing site for wide-bodied aircraft in case of any emergency.
A new Trans Sarbagita government bus service operates on Bali since August 2011 []. The buses are comfortable, air-conditioned (similar to Transjakarta Busway but even more spacious), and the fare is only Rp 3,500. These buses stop only at permanent elevated bus stops built on the road curb. As of June 2012, only Route 2 was operating (Route 1 and Route 3 are planned to be open soon).
The buses serving Route 2 start from Batubulan bemo terminal, go via Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai (stopping in [[Sanur]] on the way) and Hanuman Dewa Ruci statue (Kuta roundabout, also known as Simpang Siur roundabout ) to Central Parkir Kuta (near Giant supermarket on Jalan Raya Kuta, a kilometer or so inland from the main tourist areas of [[Kuta]]), make a loop via Sunset Road back to Hanuman statueKuta roundabout, and go south all the way to [[Nusa Dua]], then go back. For visitors, the main advantage is there's no need now to change bemos and to deal with 2-3 bemo drivers to get to Batubulan terminal (from where direct bemos to [[Ubud]], [[Kintamani]] and other north and north-eastern destinations are available) or to Sanur. Those going to Nusa Dua or [[Benoa]] may find the southern part of the route useful. The bus stop nearest to the airport is Central Parkir Kuta, a Blue Bird taxi caught outside of the airport gate will cost you around Rp 25,000. If boarding at Central Parkir Kuta, beware that both southbound (Nusa Dua) and northbound (Batubulan) buses seem to use the same stop - if no signs on the bus, ask the conductor or other people waiting for the bus.
===By taxi===
Metered taxis are very common in southern Bali as far north as [[Denpasar]] but few and far between elsewhere. The starting flagfall charge is Rp 5,000 for the first two kilometres and the meter ticks up Rp 5,000 per km after that. Waiting time is charged at Rp 30,000 per hour. Trips outside southern Bali will incur an extra charge of 30%, as the driver has to go back empty.
By far the largest and most reliable taxi company is '''Bali Taksi/Blue Bird'''; they have a telephone call service ☎ +62 361 701111 for both instant taxis and for advance bookings. If you are hailing a taxi on the street, Bali Taksi cars are sky blue with a white top light. The cars are modern and the drivers well-informed with a decent level of English-language ability. There are several other reliable taxi companies but these are not always easy to identify. If entering a taxi with no working meter, you can negotiate a price if you know how to bargain. Alternatively, always insist on the meter being turned on, and leave the taxi if that request is not met. Due to the traffic, the taxis may refuse to use the meter in traffic jams, and you need to negotiate a price. Expect to pay around Rp 5000 to travel from Kuta to Legian.
If day-tripping, it is often cheaper and more convenient to arrange for your taxi to wait and take you back.
Rental car services owned by individuals or companies are easy to find in Bali and this is the best option for first time visitors. Using a rental car with a driver is certainly cheaper than taxis and far more efficient than using other public transportation. The drivers are usually English-speaking and they can also act as informal tourist guides recommending good destinations and restaurants. Choosing to rent from a large car company is naturally more expensive than sourcing from a private individual. Ask hotel staff to recommend a good individually owned rental car with a knowledgeable driver.
Price varies between Rp 300,000 to 600,000 per day (usually defined as 10 hr) depending on your negotiation skills and the class/age of the car. Make sure the price includes petrol and driver for the day. Petrol costs, after the removal of some government subsidies in recent years, have escalated dramatically (although still very cheap by international standards) and the distance travelled is a factor if you have not fixed a daily price. Entrance tickets to tourist destinations and The day price usually includes any parking fees will be charged . There are differing views on whether to you and it is good form offer to buy lunch for your driver. For those on a tight schedule, visiting most of the major tourist destinations in Bali will need about 3 days with a rental car and driver.
===By bicycle===
[[Image:Spa oils.jpg|300px|thumb|right|The scented oil menu at a spa in [[Sanur]]]]
Bali is a paradise for [[spas|spa]] lovers, and all sorts of treatments are widely available. The Balinese '''''lulur''''' body scrub with herbs and spices—traditionally performed before a wedding ceremony—is particularly popular. '''Balinese massage''' is usually done with oil and involves long, Swedish-style strokes. In steep contrast to exorbitant western massage fees, Balinese massage is incredible value, and visitors should definitely avail themselves of this luxury. In local salons, a one-hour full body massage will cost between Rp 70,000 and 100,000, and the 2 hr ''mandi lulur'', which incorporates a body scrub and hydrating yogurt body mask in addition to the massage, will cost about Rp 150,000. The curiously named '''creambath''' is a relaxing scalp and shoulder massage, usually lasting 45 min, in which a thick conditioning cream is worked through the hair and into the scalp. A creambath typically costs about Rp 60,000. Note that these same services in an upscale hotel will cost many times more. Fish spa, where small fish will nibble dead skin off your feet and hands, is an unusual spa treatment that is recommended for the adventurous and is available for around Rp 35,000 for 15 minutes (December 2012 prices).
Bali is host to some of the finest '''yoga''' and well-being centres and retreats in the world. You can find an abundance of amazing yoga classes to suit all levels in most of the tourist areas. Look for the best yoga centres in [[Ubud]] and [[Seminyak]]. Bali is also now home to a number of renowned yoga teacher training centres. Good local resources for finding the best include "Bali spirit and "SBC Yoga Teacher Trainings" [] and []
'''Weddings in Bali''' [] offers much more than you expect, gorgeous beaches, stunning sunset, views of nature and its heritage in culture. While the increase in the cost of wedding at home, the affordable of weddings in Bali make it the perfect destination for you to have your very special day. Special thing to be remembered for a lifetime.
An excellent way to get to know and understand more of the country is to do some '''volunteer work'''. There are organisations that arrange work for international volunteers in Bali and other places in the region.[] Volunteers can for example teach English at some non-profit organizations.[]
===Water activities===
* '''pelecing paku'''- Fern tips with shrimp paste and lime
'''Cooking Class'''
There are a few cooking classes in Bali. One is '''Caraway Bali Cooking Class''', Jl. Penyaringan, ☎ 0812 463 746 77 ([email protected]), [4]. 9am-1:30pm. '''FREE''' pickup from your hotel etc. Caraway Bali Cooking class is held in a Sanur garden amply shaded by Mango trees. In a relaxed ,comfy environmment Dewi will teach you the in's and out's about traditional Indonesian food. See Caraway Bali Cooking Class action,click this link
===Dietary restrictions===
*<sleep name="W Retreat & Spa Bali - Seminyak" alt="" address="Jl. Petitenget, Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia" directions="Seminyak" phone="" []" checkin="15 :00" checkout="12:00" price="" lat="-8.677172998934233" long="115.15034382601152">Dive into Bali's most sizzling resort, where the landscaped tropical WET® pool sets the scene for paradise. Work up a SWEAT® and wind down at AWAY® Spa, then dine decadently at our world-class restaurants before socializing away at our lounges[].</sleep>
*<sleep name="The Atanaya Hotel" alt="" address="Sunset Road No. 88A" directions="" phone="(62-361) 488-174" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="" lat="" long="">An elegant leisure-business hotel in Kuta, in the Bali province of Indonesia, offering 109 guestrooms, an on-site restaurant, a rooftop pool and bar, vacation packages, and meeting & wedding venues.</sleep>
===Private villas===
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