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*''Wine'': Chile produces some excellent wines, competing with France, California, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand for world markets. Notable are the Cabernet Sauvignon and Carmenere in red, along with whites from the Casablanca valley.
*''Mote con Huesillo'': A delicous summertime drink made of wheat seeds (mote) and dried peaches (huesillos) boiled, sweetened, and served cold. Typically sold on sidewalk or park stands.[]
*''Chilean Pisco'': Brandy made from Muscat grapes. Popular brands are ''Capel'', ''Alto del Carmen'', ''Mistral'' and ''Campanario''.**
* Between 1879-1883 Chile fought a war against Peru and Bolivia over what is today the country's northern territory. Chile won against both countries but lost a portion of Patagonia since Argentina threatened to attack. Many years later, the Chilean people feel bitter about losing terrain in the south and proud over annexing what is today northern Chile. Bolivia still claims to get back that area, or at least, an "exit to the ocean" which has angered many Chileans and some express racist comments towards guest workers and illegal inmigrants from Peru and Bolivia. On the other hand, there are also many Chileans who do not find any wrong in reaching an agreement with Bolivia and grant them access to the ocean. Ask as many questions as you want, but be careful with phrases like "Peru or Bolivia has the right to the northern territory'''.
* A few Chileans of German heritage (mostly in the south) are rather proud of being German. Some knowledge in the German language is useful here. Chile has also a 500.000-strong Palestinian community (it's estimated that less than 1% actually speaks Arabic), so be careful when expressing Zionist or Pro-Israel viewpoints(or avoid traveling if you are a pro-Nazi or Zionist) - there might be a Palestinian-Chilean that feels offended.
* If you are a Israeli, be gentle,Chileans are not antisemitic and not act racist against jew, but Israeli reservists are reputed to be rude and leave without pay in Patagonia. Besides environmental damage after the fire in Torres del Paine many some people believe that Israeli soldiers have mental problems and are arsonists, thieves or dangerous. in the other hands mass media show Israel army like a barbarian blood thirst, Must convince them that you're just a tourist.
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