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Mayan Riviera

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[[Image:Cuevamplia002.jpg|thumb|right|250px|Rio Secreto, Riviera Maya Mexico]]
* '''Rio Secreto''', [] discover one of the most incredible natural marvels found in the Riviera Maya. Rio Secreto is an underground labyrinth of endless passageways formed by ageless geological processes. Be transformed by this ancient, magical subterranean world that until now has remained unexplored for millions of years. []
* '''Snorkeling''' , A popular activity and many beach-side dive shops rent equipment for US$7-10. Even though all beaches in Mexico are public, some require fees to enter and use the facilities. Beaches with a rocky limestone shoreline on the west coast are the best for snorkeling or shore dives, less sand is disturbed and so visibility and coral growth are better.

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