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[[Image:PanoramaBilbao.jpg|thumb|320px|Panoramic view of Bilbao]]
'''Bilbao'''[] is the capital of [[Vizcaya]] in the [[Basque Country]], [[Spain]]. The city is situated on the banks of the Nervión, a tidal river. The climate in Bilbao is milder than in most other parts of the peninsula, rarely falling below freezing in winter, or rising above 35ºC in summer. There is also more rain, which is a mixed blessing. The green hills of Bilbao are a welcome relief after an extended stay in the dry plains in the south, but planning a day at the beach is more risky. The population of Bilbao proper is just over 372,000, but within the metropolitan area there are over 1,000,000 inhabitants. Bilbao is divided into eight district areas: Deusto, Uribarri, Otxarkoaga/Txurdinaga, Begoña, Ibaiondo, Abando, Rekalde and Basurto/Zorroza.
==Get in==
===By plane===
'''Bilbao Airport''' ({{IATA|BIO}}) is served by Lufthansa, Air France, Air Berlin, TuiFly, AerLingus, Iberia, Air Europa, Vueling , Norwegian and several other airlines. [[Easy Jet]] flies from London Stansted and Manchester to Bilbao airport. You can also fly with [[Ryanair]] to [[Santander]].
To get to downtown from the airport, take Bizkaibus A3247 from the arrivals sidewalk: there is no arrivals hall. The bus leaves every half hour at :15 and :45 past the hour from the airport to Bilbao bus terminal. The reverse journey is at :25 and :55 past the hour from the bus terminal to the airport, stopping at Plaza Moyua on the way. A single ticket costs €1.35.
Taxis to downtown Bilbao from the airport cost about €25-30.
*'''EuskoTren''' [] Local train service leaving from Atxuri Station for [[Bermeo]], [[Guernica]]/Gernika and San Sebastian (Donostia). Some good views but the train is slower than buses.
*'''BizkaiBus''' For buses which operate outside Bilbao city limits. BizkaiBus runs a service between the bus terminal and the airport, with a stop several stops in between and one in Plaza Moyua (ask in Hotel CarltonHacienda building). Other Bizkaibus destinations are Mundaka, Bakio, Gernika,...
*'''Artxanda Funicular''' Spectacular views of Bilbao.
*Take the '''Artxanda Funicular''', again for the views.
*Visit the <do name="Vizcaya Bridge" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">[]. World Heritage listed located between Portugalete and Getxo. It is at 10 km away from Bilbao. It is a 20 minutes journey by Metro.</do>
*'''International Charter Group''': []. Yacht charter and sailing, one of the worlds largest yacht charter companies, can take care of all charter requirements, from bareboat to crewed in Bilbao. Operating from nine offices worldwide (USA, Spain, UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Caribbean, Honk Kong and Dubai).
*Go kayaking or rent a boat from Bilbobentura [] (a company that rents out kayaks on the bank of the river nervion).
*<do name="First Saturdays Flea Market" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">Dos de Mayo Street transforms every first Saturday into a flea market selling antiques, books, and second hand clothes. </do>
* <eat name="El Globo" alt="" address="c/Diputación, 8" directions="" phone="94 415 42 21" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price=""></eat>
* <eat name="La Viña del Ensanche" alt="" address="c/Diputacion, 10" directions="" phone="94 416 53 58" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price=""></eat>
* <eat name="Oriotarra" alt="" address="c/Blas de Otero, 30" directions="" phone="944 47 08 30" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price=""></eat>
* <eat name="Bar Berezi" alt="" address="c/Blas de Otero, 28" directions="" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price=""></eat>
* <eat name="Agape" alt="" address="c/Hernani, 13" directions="" phone="94 416 05 06" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price=""></eat>
* <eat name="Kafe Antzokia" alt="" address="San Vincente Vicente 2" directions="" phone="94 424 46 25" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="Menu del dia: €11&euro;12.5 50 (two dishes+desert;€17 weekend+drink); VAT included." lat="" long="" email="" fax="">Creative non-touristic cuisine in an untraditional setting of a large theater hall and its stage. Full of local knowledge workers. Great value-for-money ''menu del dia''. Very prompt service.</eat>
* <eat name="Casa Vasca" alt="" address="c/ Lehendakari Aguirre, 13/15 (Deusto)" directions="" phone="94 448 39 80" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">traditional Basque cuisine</eat>
#'''Cafe La Granja''' in Plaza Circular, across from the BBVA tower.
#'''Cafe Boulevard''' on the Arenal, across from Teatro Arriaga.
* <drink name="Kafe Antzokia" alt="" address="San Vicente 2" directions="" phone="94 424 46 25" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">This former theatre was converted into a multi-purpose venue in 1995. It is best known for promoting the Basque culture, both as an artist’s venue and for the clientele. With a varied schedule of concerts of Basque and international bands, it serves as a night club on weekends. Run by a cultural association aimed at promoting the use of Basque language, it also hosts a restaurant, a Basque academy and a community radio station.</drink>
*'''Bar Juantxu'''. c/ Licenciado Poza, 39.
*'''Dakar'''<drink name="Pub Witch" alt="" address="Cosme Echevarrieta 4" directions="" phone="633579471" email="[email protected]. ccom" fax="" url="http:/ Heros, 13 tel/www.pubwitch. 94-424-9756 nightly karaoke tk" hours="friday and Spanish saturday from midnight" price="">A great place for dance musicand have fun at Bilbao night. This place mix the cocktail clubs and dance clubs so you can have a incredibly served drink and lots of fun</drink>
*'''Galeon''' Alda. Mazarredo, 25, 94-423-1462 Maritime motif a mermaid statue at the entrance and decoratoion resembleing the inside of a ship.
*'''Gran Casino Nervión''' c/ Navarra, 1 tel. 94-424-0007 Two bars, on-site restaurant. Formal/semi-formal dress required.
*<drink name="Panko" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">Great stylish place that sells bread, pinxtos and meals. Good selection of regional wines. Good value for money.</drink>
*<drink name="Bar Jamon Jamon" alt="" address="c/Luis Power 3, Deusto, Bilbao" directions="Deusto Metro Station" phone="944 47 65 94" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">Eat as a local in this typical simple neighbourhood Bar. Probably one of the best Ham baguettes (bocadillo) in the city. Freshly baked baguettes, counter-carved Spanish Ham and the friendly service of Luis and Nekane. Not fancy but familiar with authentic atmosphere.</drink>
*<drink name="Cafeteria Restaurante Sandwich" alt="" address="C/ Gardoki 11" directions="" phone="94 416 98 38" url="" hours="" price="" lat="12" long="20">It is a good place to eat a burger, a sandwich, salad or a combination plate. There are special menus low in calories too. At night the kitchen is open late. Closed Sundays and holidays. In the center of Bilbao
*<sleep name="A 10 minutes walk to Guggenheim" alt="" address="Lehendakari Agirre Etorbidea, 61, 48014 Bilbao" directions="" phone="" url="" checkin="15:00" checkout="11:00" price="€60-€85/night" lat="" long="" email="[email protected]" fax="">Apartment in the centre for short and mid-term rentals. The apartment is minimalist and located in a great Deusto neighborhood within easy walking distance of museums, restaurants, Pintxos bars, and the river. Apartment for up to 3 people.</sleep>
=== Cities in other provinces ===
* [[San Sebastian]] -- Beautiful resort with bar counters full of tasty Pintxos (Tapas)
* [[Vitoria-Gasteiz]] -- Surprising Basque capital awarded with European Green Capital 2012 with a lot of gardens and parks to see and a wonderful historical center with Rennaissance houses, Medieval walls and towers and ¡two! cathedrals.
* [[Santander]] -- Resort City

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