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Cartagena (Colombia)

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* One of the most popular watering holes for local Cartageneros is '''Mister Babilla''', located on the Avenida del Arsenal, near the '''Centro de Convenciones'''. One of the most popular watering holes for local Cartageneros. This place is great on the weekends and is notorious for having people dancing on the tables and the bar late into the night! A great time!.* '''La Avenida del Arsenal''' is located , along the bay near the '''Centro de Convenciones'''. In its heyday it was ''the'' place to be. Now much of the nightlife in Cartagena has moved to the '''Ciudad Vieja''', but this strip of about 10 discotecas is still a raging place to experience on the weekends. Entry to most of the discos is COP $10,000 to 20,000 Colombian pesos.*<drink name="'''Olano´s" alt="" address="" directions="Near ''', near Plaza de Santo Domingo" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">. Great sea food with seafood fusion style, don´t miss including the shrimps in passion fruit and coconut rice!</drink>*<drink name="'''Cafe del Mar" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">Located ''', atop the western wall providing sunset views and cocktails, but rather pricey at COP $17,000 for tropical cocktails. A cheaper option to enjoying the sunset is to the right of Cafe del Mar (when facing the ocean) where local vendors sell Colombian beers and refreshments. Aguila, a local beer, or bottled water can be purchased for COP $2500 2,500 each. Ask for Jaime, a local vendor who can offer good advice on local attractions both inside and outside the old city. </drink>*<drink name="'''Donde Fidel" alt="" address="''', Plaza de la Aduana" directions="Right , right by the clock gate" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">. Great place to sit and people -watch as the night gets going...good Good prices on drinks and the place to meet Cartageneros and tourists alike. </drink>*<drink name="OTRO MUNDO" alt="Bistrò-Bar.Pizzeria" address="Centro, Calle San Agustin 6-68" directions="Cartagena de Indias" phone="+57 5 6602314" url="" hours="09-24" price="" lat="" long="">Otro Mundo Bistrò-Bar-Pizzeria is situated in Centro Historico de Cartagena, Calle San Agustin 6-68 and is near Universita de Cartagena. There you can eat excellent croatian dishes, pastas, and the best pizza of America. Ambient is very clean and service is excellent. The price and quality of the dishes and pizza are very good. Every day you can listen good music and taste also good drinks, like beer, coctails, juice and natural juice, all this with very good price and hospitable service.</drink>
'''Zorba Wiskeria''' is a great , Calle de la Tableda. Great little corner bar that offers bottle service and a decent street scene. Very local. Beers are COP$3000 3.000 and a bottle of rum will set you back COP$27000, which is pretty good27.000. Right next door to a Pizzeria and up the street a few doors from a Lebanese Falafel house. '''Cafe Havana''', Calle de la TabledaMedia Luna in Getsemani outside of the walled city. Fun place on the weekends with great music and mojitos.

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