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Mayan Riviera

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'''The Mayan Riviera''' is comprised of the area just south of the tip of the [[Yucatan Peninsula]] in [[Mexico]]. It stretches along 75 miles of the Mexican Caribbean coastline in the southeastern part of of the Yucatan Peninsula. Weather is ideal, beautiful white sandy beaches, crystal clear blue waters make for a perfect vacation destination. The term ''Riviera Maya'' is fairly new and has varied definitions, it starts approx. 10 miles south of Cancun the seaside village of [[Puerto Morelos]] and includes places like Playa del Carmen, Puerto Aventuras, Akumal and Tulum. It ends at the town of [[Carrillo Puerto]].
==Tourist information==* [ '''Mayan Riviera (Riviera Maya) - Travel Guide'''] ==Cities== The major cities of the Mayan Riviera are:
* [[Akumal]]
* [[Cancun]]
* [[Puerto Aventuras]]
* [[Tulum]]
==Other destinations==
Along the Mayan Riviera you will find at least four '''Eco Theme Parks'''. In other countries, like the USA, parks like these are usually provided and maintained by the State. In Mexico, concessions are granted to commercial interests to develop, maintain and profit (commercial) from these enterprises. This does not make them any less attractive, and provides much needed employment. The parks are located in protected bays, usually with stone, rather than sand under the water, this is not uncomfortable and makes for very clear, blue water. These bays or inlets are somewhat shallow, but flushed on a regular basis by the tides, making for much cleaner water than you find around resorts or municipal areas. You can rent snorkel equipment, inner tubes, rafts and such. These parks are excellent places to take a break from a day of exploring or ''driving'' in this warmer climate. Fish are plentyful and can be seen all around you. Avoid being in the middle of a feeding frenzy when someone buys and throws fish food into the water. Using ''cheese whiz'', works well, but brings in bigger fish, who may nip at the fingers, so count that idea out.

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