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===By bus===
The Turkish bus system is comprehensive and you can get about anywhere from anywhere. Better spend a few more liras and you will have an unforgettable journey. Ulusoy has buses with seats that resemble business class in airplanes. There are also other bus companies, including Kamil Koc, Truva and Varan. Some companies have an onboard WLAN.
The termınal is separated in two buildings. The larger building obviously houses the long distance bus routes, and the smaller building to the left (west) serves for shorter distance routes including Serik, Manavgat, Side, and Fethiye.
Fares are low. Simply show up at the bus station (“otogar”) and announce your destination. From most cities, there are an overnight bus options (with Antalya []). There are regular buses destined for Anatalya that run along the coastal roads and stop at tourist towns such as [[Kas]] and [[Fethiye]].
==Get around==
Antalya offers a variety of public transportation, such as public buses, trams, mini-buses, taxicabs and dolmus.There is a system to the letters that precede the route numbers on the signs posted in the front fo the buses: *A - Aksu, which is a town to the east*C - Çarşı*D - Döşemealtı*F - Tıp Fakültesi*K - Konyaaltı Beach, to the west of the town centre*L - Lara Beach, to the southeast of the town centre*M - Masadağı*T - Terminal*U - Uncalı*V - Varsak For example, when a bus has destination number as AF04, it runs between Aksu and Tıp Fakülesti. Here is a link to the city website for the bus and dolmus network map:
===By bus===
In Antalya, buses pass from anywhere to any destination in the city. Fares are low and most buses offer air-conditioning and TV even for short routes. To travel to remote places you may need to travel to the bus terminal first. The bus terminal has its own buses with distinctive blue stripes. As of 2011 bus terminal to city to airport travel (Bus 202, "Terminal-Otogar") is possible every 30min30 min. There is also Bus 600 which runs from the Otogar to Konyaaltı Beach, then through the town centre towards Aksu. The closest bus stops to the Old Town would be on Ali Çentinkaya Cd. whıch ıs a few mınutes of walkıng from the Old Town.
===By dolmus===
===By tram===
The (historic) tramway has been donated by the German city of [[Nuremberg]] and connects the western Konyaalti Beach and Antalya Museum to the eastern part of the city center. It runs all 30 min. in either direction and costs 1.75 TL per person. Tramway can be used for sightseeing as it passes most beautiful places of the city center.
The new tram system ("AntRay") currently (04/2011) consists of one line, serving the route Fatih-Otogar-Muratpaşa-Ismetpaşa-Meydan every 15min during the day. To get to the Kaleiçi or to the interconnection with the historic tram line, get off at Ismetpaşa station. Tickets (1.75TL) can be obtained at the stores around the stations or at specific AntRay-counters (e.g., at the Otogar). If you're unsure, just ask the helpful station guards.
Antalya is rich in history and art.
* ==='''Kaleiçi''' The old quarter, === '''Kaleiçi''', has narrow, winding streets enclosed in ancient city walls, which now protect the peaceful quarter from the noise of the concrete metropolis of a million people. The northern part (Selçuk and Tuzcular sections) of Kaleiçi is mostly touristy shops and restaurants lining the narrow mazelike streets. The Kilinçarslan section is a little more quiet and still charming. Although there are other entrances, it is best to enter and exit the old quarter from charming '''Hadrianus Gate''', built by the Roman emperor Hadrianus as the entrance arch to the city. Hadrian Gate will lead you to Kilinçarslan district. * ThereFluted Minaret 's ''Yivli Minare''' - In this area, you can see the famous 125 feet tall fluted minaret and the mosque. Nearby is an old market building with an interesting entrance, and a great ruined gate or two. * Clock Tower area '''archaeology museumSaat Kulesi''' - Ottoman-era clock tower and plenty 18th century Paşa Camii mosque. * Fortified Roman port '''Yat Limanı''' - A beautiful harbour surrounded by town walls built during the Roman Era. Nearby is the İskele Camii mosque.* Broken Mınaret Mosque '''Kesik Minare''' - beautiful ruins of an old Roman temple, which eventually was converted into a Christian church and finally a mosque.* Hıdırlık Tower '''historic buildingsHıdırlık Kulesi''' - a tower on the edge of the town walls with scenic views of the marina and the harbour.* Atatürk's Home '''ancient ruinsAtatürk Evi'''(just outside the Kilinçarslan district, walk to Karaalioglu Park along Atatürk Cd.) - house where the first president of Turkey stayed at during his visits in Antalya. ===Konyaaltı Beach (West of town)===* Aqualand, which is a large complex of waterpark and beach park. * Migros MMM - a large shopping centre with a traditional American-style mall food court lined with American fast food chain restaurants as well as some Turkish restaurants.* Antalya Aquarium - boasts the world' nearbys largest tunnel aquarium. * Aktur Lunapark Antalya - a fairground with various rides ===Lara Beach (East of Town)===* TerraCity - a huge shopping mall. ===North of city===* Antalya Zoo and Nature Park - 400 acres of Zoo, accessible by taking the tram to the last stop. === Further out of town ===Remember that you do not necessarily have to go to the Otogar to get on these buses. They can be hailed anywhere along the route. Check the bus map to see where the routes run. * Perge ruins - (buses heading to Aksu can drop you off at the road leading to Perge, TL1.75 each way with bus.) a fantastic Roman city ruins, with a hippodrome, theatre still intact. The South Bathhouses helps very well to create good imagination of what it looked like in the era. * Düden Falls - it is a waterfall off the cliffs southeast of the town. You can have the option to take a boat for TL25 for a two hours cruise to view the falls and swim, or take the dolmus # VC30 from Sarampol to the last stop.* Aspendos Theater - a beautiful intact theatre from the Roman time. It is possible to take a ride with Serik Koop bus from the Otogar (TL6 - 2013) to Serik, where you will change buses to local bus number 10 for Aspendos which depart on the 55th minute of the hour. It is about 4 to 5 hours roundtrip. It definitely can be combined with a stop at Perge, which is on the same route.* Side - an ancient Roman theatercity near Manavgat. * Termessos - an ancient city ruins in a nature setting (part of a nature park). One can take the high-road Fethiye Sayahat bus and ask to be dropped off at the intersection for Termessos. You have the option to take a taxi, look for a lift or walk the 9 km up the steep road to the actual site. * Demre/Myra - take a low-road route bus with Fethiye Sahayat bus and get off at Demre. At Demre, you can see ancient Lycian ruins with tombs and Myra is also the home of St. Nicholas, or "Santa Claus."
=== A word of caution ===
The export of antiques or objects considered so is strictly forbidden and will cause a lot of problems not to say hefty fines to those caught when leaving the country. Possession and possibly even commerce in Turkey is legal - just the export is banned. Be on your guard and don't believe sellers who may try to convince you of the opposite. Also, customs back home target more and more faked goods such as video, CDs, shoes, watches and the like. The odds of being caught are minimal, but you should know that you are moving on illegal terrain.
Tudors bar (kaleici): Women are warned to steer clear of this bar. The ownership is very strict on clothing and will throw out any woman that does not dress conservatively. Do not be confused by the prostitutes that do frequent the bar. Better bars are to be found outside of Kaleici, in Lara or Konyalti.
* <sleep name="Whitegarden Hotel / Pansiyon" alt="" address="Kaleiçi, Hesapçı Geçidi 9" directions="" phone="0242-241 91 15, 0242-247 41 66" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="70 ytl" lat="" long="">Simple, clean and cheap hotel in the old town offers friendly service and good Turkish breakfast.</sleep>
* <sleep name="Kale's Homestay" alt="" address="Kaleiçi, Kurtuluş Sokak 16" directions="" phone="0531-282 69 32" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="23 ytl" lat="" long="">Cheap and private accommodation in the old town.</sleep>
*<sleep name="Terra Anatolia House / Pansiyon" alt="" address="Kaleiçi, Hesapçı Geçidi 5" directions="" phone="0242-244 37 35" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="25 Euro" lat="" long="">This is a bed & breakfast type small hotel in the old city area of Antalya.</sleep>
*<sleep name="Hotel Blue Sea Garden" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="2422488213" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="" lat="" long="">Lovely hotel with garden restaurant with a sea view, in the old town. Friendly service and great breakfast. Strong wifi and fluent English spoken.</sleep>
* <sleep name="Mediterra Art Hotel" alt="" address="Barbaros mah. Zafer sok. No:5 Kaleiçi Antalya" directions="" phone="+90(242)244 86 24" url="" checkin="14.00" checkout="12.00" price="" lat="36.883731261047984" long="30.705853700637817" email="[email protected]" fax="+90(242)244 00 12">Located within old town "Kaleiçi". The most attractive Hotel, boutique design hotel in Antalya. 28 rooms and suites, restaurant “Mediterra Art” on site.</sleep>
*<sleep name="Alp Pasa Hotel" alt="" address="Barbaros Mah. Hesapçı Sok. 30, Kaleiçi (Old City)" directions="100 metres from Hadrian’s Gate." phone="+90(242)247 56 76" url="" email="[email protected]" checkin="14:00" checkout="12:00" price="" lat="" long="">Luxury boutique style hotel in the historical district, also has a up-scale restaurant on the premesis</sleep>
* <sleep name="Tuvana Hotel" alt="" address="Tuzcular mah. Karanlık sok. No:18 Kaleiçi Antalya" directions="" phone="+90(242)247 60 15" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="" lat="" long="" email="[email protected]" fax="+90(242)241 19 81">Located within old town "Kaleiçi". 45 rooms and suites, restaurant “Seraser” on site.</sleep>
===Laundry Service===
New: the old town offers a self-service laundry service, quick & cheap. Address: Mescit Sokak 44 phone: 0531 282 69 32 ""
===Lara Beach===
From West to East:
* <sleep name="Barut Lara" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="" lat="" long="" email="" fax=""></sleep>
* <sleep name="Kervansaray Miracle Lara Hotel" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="" lat="" long="" email="" fax=""></sleep>
* <sleep name="Miracle Resort Hotel" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="" lat="" long="" email="" fax=""></sleep>
* <sleep name="Titanic" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="" lat="" long="" email="" fax=""></sleep>
Antalya Police Department has a "tourism police" section where travellers can report passport loss and theft or any other criminal activity, they may have become victims of. They have staff multilingual in English, German, French, and Arabic.
* <listing name="Tourism Police" alt="Turizm Polisi" directions="at the marina below the old town" address="Kaleiçi Yat Limanı" phone="+90 242 243-10-61" email="" fax="+90 242 345-41-13" url="" hours="" price=""></listing>
[ Self-service laundry] in the old town (Kaleiçi), where you can wash and dry fast and cheaply.
== Get out ==
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