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To the north east, '''Yeoville''' is known as Le Petit Kinshasa and is home to many of the Francophone african diaspora in Johannesburg. Lots of Camerounian restaurants and Congolese bars.
'''Hillbrow''' (Little Lagos) has used to have a bad reputation for drug dealing, sex bars, crime etc but it is improving much improved - if you visit Constitution Hill, or Johannesburg Art Gallery, Hillbrow is right across the street, not that scary! Empty your pockets and go Go for a walk to the base of the Hillbrow Tower on a Sunday morning - stay on the main streets and keep your wits about you - and don, it't carry anything that is worth stealing. Certainly s an interesting experience. Worth watching Louis Theroux's 'Law and Disorder in Johannesburg' before your visit.
* <see name="Top of Africa" alt="" address="Carlton Centre, 150 Commissioner St" directions="Take the elevator from the second floor to the fiftieth" phone="+27 (0)11 308-1331" email="" fax="" url="" hours="8AM to 7PM daily" price="Rand 7.50">Get a panoramic view of the city from the top of Africa's tallest building</see>
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