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Americans in Cuba

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Stay safe
==Stay safe==
There is no U.S. Embassy or consulate in Cuba. The United States is represented by the United States Interests Section[], which is technically part of the Swiss Embassy in [[Havana]], though physically separate. It is located in the Vedado district, along the Malecon. They can assist you if you lose your passport or have similar troubles. If you are in Cuba without a LicenceLicense, only go to the Interests if you are in grave danger or trouble.
It's advisable to carry a photocopy of your passport on the street (rather than your original) to lessen the risk of losing it. Hotels rent security boxes (even to non-guests) for 2 CUC per day to store your passport and other valuables. Remember you'll need your passport whenever staying at a hotel or casa particular, so remember to bring it with you when you leave Havana (or elsewhere) for the rest of the country.
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