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San Juan

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=== Climate ===
San Juan is a tropical city with winter temperatures typically ranging in the low 80s during the day, summer daytime high near 90 degrees and low 70s at night. Summer temperatures are generally summer nights in the high 80s during the day, and high 70s at night. Summer does include includes high humiditymaking the outdoors feel very hot and muggy. The city has a tendency to receive months of April through November will see frequent rain and thunderstorms from April to November in the afternoon. Be mindful that San Juan and the rest of Puerto Rico have also has the possibility of being hit by hurricanes or and tropical storms from July to November. Winter is quite pleasant in San Juan. Temperatures typically range in the low 80s during the day, and low 70s at night.
=== Culture ===
San Juan is a Latin American city with Spanish-based culture, mixed with African traditions and , Taíno culture, and an American influence. Museums of modern art exist abroad. The citizens of San Juan are very festive, as on the rest of the island. San Juan has bars and discotheques all-around the city, from Old San Juan to even the southern part of the city that stay open to 3:00-4:00AM. San Juan has become very modernized as of late, with its first Metro line (called ''Tren Urbano'') and buses. Like most large cities, however, there is a small population of vagrants and beggars lining the streets.
San Juan is the financial capital of Puerto Rico. There are facilities for petroleum and sugar refining, and pharmaceuticals.
*'''Ostra Cosa''', Calle del Cristo 154, Old San Juan, 787-722-2672. Daily 12PM-10PM. Reservations recommended. The ambience here is one of the most sensual and romantic in Old San Juan.
*'''Pamela's''' restaurant<eat name="Pamela’s Caribbean Cuisine" alt="" address="1 Calle Santa Ana Ocean Park, San Juan Puerto Rico 00911" directions="" phone="(787)726-5010, Calle Santa Ana 1" email="" fax="" url="http://www. Traditional Caribbean and Puerto Rican dishes are prepared by a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. You have the choice of eating inside or outside on the beachnumero1guesthouse. com/tropical-cuisine" hours="Lunch runs around $15 while 11AM to 3PM, tapas and appetizers 3PM to 6PM, and dinner from 6PM" price="">Pamela’s Caribbean Cuisine is an award-winning San Juan restaurant popular for special occasions. Adjacent to Numero Uno Pamela’s is known not only for its exquisite Caribbean-fusion menu, but also for its one-of-a little more (around $20-$25)kind beachside location.</eat>
*'''Parrot Club''', Calle Fortaleza 363, Old San Juan, 787-725-7370. Daily 12PM-3PM; 6PM-11PM. Live music, either Brazilian, salsa, or Latino jazz, is offered nightly as well as during the popular Sunday brunches.
*'''UVVA Restaurant''', (787) 727-3302, 1 Calle Tapia, Ocean Park. International creative cuisine by Chef Jose Vicente is served from 8AM until 11PM. The ambiance is elegant and casual.
*<eat name="BUNS Burger Shop" alt="" address="1214 Ashford Ave." directions="In front of Marriott Hotel" phone="" url="" hours="11:30am-4:00am" price="" lat="" long="">Great burgers with high quality beef. Over 40 beers, some on tap.</eat>
*'''Normandie Hotel ''', 499 Munoz Rivera Ave. Old San Juan (787) 729-2929, Toll Free 1-877-987-2929, []
* <sleep name="Numero Uno Guest House" alt="" address="1 Calle Santa Ana Ocean Park, San Juan Puerto Rico 00911" directions="" phone="(787) 726-5010" email="[email protected]" fax="(787) 727-5482" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="">Numero Uno Guest House offers stunning ocean views, luxurious accommodations and the finest cuisine.</sleep>
* '''San Juan Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino''', 1309 Ashford Avenue, Phone: (787) 722-7000, []

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