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Lidingö is connected to Stockholm by two parallel bridges at '''Ropsten''', the end station of the subway in the [[Stockholm/Östermalm|Östermalm]] district. The light rail '''Lidingöbanan''', as well as buses, carry on to Lidingö. Just as inner Stockholm, Lidingö is in the inner public transport zone.
The '''Stockholm congestion tax''' has an exceptionthat favours Lidingö: A vehicle that passes a toll station at Ropsten, and another toll station within 30 minutes, pays no fee. This means that a car can pass from the national road system to Lidingö, and the other way around, without paying(provided that each leg takes less than 30 minutes, which cannot be guaranteed during rush hours).
Lidingö is well within reach for bicycles from central Stockholm, with and has some stands for '''Stockholm City Bikes'''. []
'''Sjövägen''' is a public transport ferry from Nybrokajen in central Stockholm, passing Nacka on the way to Lidingö. []
==Get around==
Most of Lidingö is easily accessed by public transport, car, walk and bicycle.Timetables for the public transport on []
You can rent the '''Stockholm City Bikes''' [] at three locations at Lidingö: Stadshuset, Baggeby and Torsvik.
Lidingö has a lot of nature reserves and a beautiful scenery. Lidingö was also the home of sculptor Carl Milles, humanitarian Raoul Wallenberg, and engineer Gustaf Dalén.
* '''Lidingö Museum''' []
* There are is also a lot of public art at Lidingö. Come and get your map (Cykel- och Fritidskartan) at the Town hall (''Stadshuset''), Stockholmsvägen 50, Lidingö.
There are a lot of hiking and cycling trails, beaches, big meadows and even two farms.
Lidingö is iften described as the green island. There are a lot of hiking and cycling trails, beaches, big meadows and even a farm.  * Hiking and cycling all across the island.There are 6 culturewalks six culture walks across the island. Mpas and information about them are found here: []
* '''Fågelöudde''', a beach, most frequented by families.
*'''Lidingöloppet''' [] the world's largest cross-country running race. Held annually in September, with approx. 45,000 participants. One of four legs of the Swedish Classic Circuit. []
* Fishing anywhere on Rod '''fishing''' is allowed without a license along the Island (except island's coast, but not in Kottlasjön)or other lakes.
* '''Elfviks Gård''' [] Here you can meet , a farm with horses, pigs, cats, dogs, rabbits, chickens, cows and sheep. There are also several boutiques with local products and during summer there is a small café.
* '''Lidingö Centrum''' has a broad collection of shops.
Lidingö has a cluster of conference centers, most of them on the Elfvik peninsula. Their name is Destination Lidingö []. Many of them also cater to travellers.
The list below show all accomodations accommodations on the island:
* '''Alfa Hotel''' [] close to the city center.
* '''Ariston Hotel''' [] Cosy 3-star breakfast hotell central Lidingö, close to Lidingö Centrum and to Stockholm. Free parking and WiFi, breakfast included. Welcome!
* '''Best Western Villa Söderås''', a rural waterfront hotel, 12 kilometers from downtown Stockholm. []
* '''Blue Hotel''' [], with view of the archipelago, and a Turkish hamam spa.
* '''Bosön''' [] Hotel and hostal hostel in an athletic environment.
* '''Gåshaga Sealodge''' [], at the dock to the archipelago.
Visit Stadshuset, Stockholmsvägen 50 at Lidingö for broschures brochures and maps.
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