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=Todo= These scattered facts are from a while ago, and need to be integrated into the site...  ==Inman Square, Cambridge, MA== Not on the Red Line; accessible by a longish walk from Harvard or Central Square, or by [ MBTA] bus. Rosie's Bakery, Cambridge Store[] If you've found Mr. or Ms. Right, they do wedding cakes, but of course have a good selection of yummy deserts list done for Mr. and Ms. Right Now. (Including the Chocolate Orgasm Brownie.) For travellers on the Red Line, it's probably easier to visit their store in South Station, in Boston. Midwest Grill. Brazillian BBQ. Mid-range. All you can eat. Rodizu (meat on a sword). >> I think probably the best Indian place in Cambridge is Punjabi Dhaba, in Inman Sq. I'd feel better recommending that over Border India, especially since we have so many Central Sq. listings already. It's also a unique and fun place, insanely cheap, and open LATE. -Nickpest 14:02, 8 Aug 2004 (EDT) <<now!

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