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Mayan Riviera

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[[Image:Mayan Riv - Early Morning - Ocean View Room.png|thumb|right|250px|Room with a view. (Early morning.)]]
Due to the construction of Cancun International Airport, this has become a popular and fairly inexpensive area to visit. One can fly in, pick up a car and expore explore the [[Yucatan Peninsula]] very easily. Most who visit the Mayan Riviera are staying at all inclusive resorts and are transfered from the airport to the resort along this path by bus or shuttle to their accommodations. It is a wonderful place for families or single visitors to visit. Tourism is the main industry and visitors are treated very well (almost too well). If you never leave the resort, you will likely be quite happy. If you choose to explore, it is a 75 mile road, so you can be home by dark (make that: be home by dark).
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