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Pittsburgh/South Side

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'''South Side''' is the southern region of [[Pittsburgh]], south of the Monongahela and Ohio Rivers. While this article covers the entire southern region of the city, "Southside" usually refers to a popular neighborhood directly across the Monongahela River from [[Pittsburgh/Downtown|Downtown]].
The '''Southside''' neighborhood [] contains more restaurants and bars than perhaps anywhere else in the city. It is located along the Monongahela River, extending from Station Square about 30 blocks to the east, and extending inland several blocks from the river. The central artery is East Carson street on which most of the restaurants and bars are located. Historically the neighborhood was home to the millworkers for the steel mills that once lined the Monongahela River. Since most of these workers came from eastern Europe there is a European feel to the neighborhood, with small rowhomes, dozens of churches of various ethnic persuasions and even more neighborhood bars and small shops all mixed together.
Today the mills are gone and shops and restaurants are springing up in their place. The area is an interesting place to wander and people-watch. It is one of the few places in outside of downtown Pittsburgh where, in the summer, people can eat and drink at sidewalk tables outside restaurants. The Southside is divided into two main sections, aptly named the "Flats" and the "Slopes". The flats, closer to the river, contain shops, bars, restaurants as well as many interesting homes and apartments. Further south from the river, the Slopes climb uphill; hundreds and hundreds of narrow, tall homes, cheek-to-jowl with one another, perch precariously on the hillside. There are dozens of streets and pseudo-streets (steep concrete and wooden stairs maintained by the city) which residents use to get up and down.
West of Southside is '''Mount Washington''', both a sight and a place to see from. The bluff rises, in some places almost vertically, 500 feet (150 meters) above the river valley. It offers a spectacular view of the rivers and of the downtown area. Atop this geologic structure is a large district of residential homes, commercial businesses, apartment buildings, and a number of popular restaurants that share the beautiful view of the valley and the city. Mount Washington was once called Coal Hill because of the generous coal seams it contained (since mined). I t was, and to some extent still is, one of the major residential areas for the people that worked in Pittsburgh's industrial plants and offices. Today it is most famous for the two inclines which climb the steep slopes facing downtown and the rivers.
*The '''Monongahela Incline''' [] is probably the most direct from downtown and the more tourist oriented, rising from near Station Square to Grandview Avenue in the neighborhood of Mount Washington. This incline is operated by the Port Authority, so transfers and passes good for the bus and light rail system will apply to rides on the incline as well. Fares are $2 adults (plus a 50-cent transfer for a round-trip) and $1 children (plus a 25-cent transfer for a round-trip).
*The '''Duquesne Incline''' [http://inclinewww.pghfreeduquesneincline.netorg/historycover.htm] goes to Grandview Avenue in the Duquesne Heights neighborhood has the better view from the top, able to see down all three river valleys. This incline is operated by a non-profit group and not the Port Authority, but Port Authority transfers and passes are good for a one-way ride. Fares are $2 adults ($4 round-trip), $1 children ($2 round-trip), free for seniors.
Both inclines are funicular railways that scale the side of the mount. At the peak of the industrial era, a number of similar inclines transported workers from the top of the mount to the South Side "flats", where they either walked across one of the bridges, or took a streetcar to their work. Today the Duquesne Incline and Monongahela Incline are the only two inclines remaining.
There are so many bars and restaurants along '''Carson Street''' that if you attempted to have one drink in each—-people ''have'' attempted—-you would not make it nearly from one end to the other before requiring assistance. The street traffic on a weekend night can be formidable, but fun if you have the right constitution. A few major ones have been listed but walk the area and you're bound to find a spot that suits your fancy.
* <drink name="Casey's Draft House" alt="" address="1811 E Carson St" directions="" phone="+1 412 431-3595" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">Casey's has a little-person bartender on Monday's where he walks onto the bar and dumps shots into your mouth.</drink>
* <drink name="Fat Head's" alt="" address="1805 E Carson St" directions="" phone="+1 412 431-7433" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="" email="" fax="">A giant beer selection, truly focusing on local and regional beers, many of them on tap. Giant sandwiches and home cut fries and chips. They have an even larger section in their carry-out store on the 2nd floor.</drink>
* <sleep name="Holiday Inn Express - South Side" alt="" address="20 S 10th St" directions="" phone="" url="" checkin="4PM" checkout="11" price="" lat="" long="" tollfree="+1 877 863-4780‎"></sleep>
* <sleep name="Morning Glory Inn" alt="" address="2119 Sarah St" directions="" phone="+1 412 431-1707" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="" lat="" long="" email="" fax="">A bed and breakfast in a historic building, although the service can be unfriendly.</sleep>
* <sleep name="Sheraton Pittsburgh Hotel at Station Square" alt="" address="300 W Station Square Dr" directions="" phone="+1 412 261-2000" url="http://www.starwoodhotels" checkin="3PM" checkout="noon" price="" lat="" long=""></propertysleep>*<sleep name=" SpringHill Suites Pittsburgh Southside Works" alt="" address="2950 South Water Street" directions="" phone="1-412-488-8003" url="http:/overview/" checkin="3PM" checkout="noon" price="" lat="" long="">Newer hotel on the South Side Works end of Carson street.</sleep> ==Stay safe==

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