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Palestinian Territories

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Gaza information is misleading - Egypt shares a border, situation still very dangerous.
* [[Bethlehem]] - A city much like any other in the West Bank, Bethlehem is also the site of Christian holy-places such as the Church of the Nativity.
* [[Jerusalem/East|East Jerusalem]] - Annexed to Israel and West Jerusalem in 1980. East Jerusalem is predominately Palestinian demographically and therefore it is often considered part of the West Bank (though not by Israel).
* [[Gaza]] - A coastal city all but cut off to tourists and the world by due to the Egyption and Israeli siege on borders being effectively closed to travelers. Under the regioncontrol of Hamas it has seen both violent civil conflict as well as conflict with Israel.
* [[Hebron]] - A city whose highlights include a stunning old city and glass and pottery factories tinged by its division into Israeli controlled H1 and Palestinian controlled H2.
* [[Jenin]] - the West Bank's northern-most city, only 26km from Nazareth.
A few hints for a successful trip:
* Contrary to recent years, most Palestinian cities are at present relatively safe. Regardless, in some areas or at particular times (such as weddings), gunfire can be heard. This appears to be becoming less and less common, however. Also, bear in mind that fireworks are popular in the cities, and it is possible that what you are hearing is not gunfire at all. Unfortunately however, Gaza remains to be extremely unsafe with near daily terrorist activity and travel is not recommended.
* Always bring a COPY of your passport along with your original and hide the copy in your hotel room.
* Both Israeli and Palestinian security services may ask for ID, so carry your passport at all times.
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