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===By plane===
'''Gaggal Airport''' ({{IATA|DHM}}) is at Gaggal near [[Kangra]], a distance of 15 km from McLeodganj by road on MDR44 and NH20. The airport has been recently upgraded and provides twice daily flights from [[Delhi]] by Kingfisher. Air India does not operate flights to this airport. Air India however has flight upto Chandigarh which is about 8 hrs by road from Dharamsala. Flights are prone to cancellation due to bad weather or because enough passengers didn't show up, so leave some leeway for onward connections on the way out. FLying license of Kingfisher Airlines has been suspended by the Govt of India since the company has gone bankrupt. So, it would not be wise to bank on Kingfisher to fly out of Dharamsala. Alternate travel arrangements need to be looked at.
===By bus===
Meeting (or at least getting to see) the Dalai Lama [] is the dream of a lifetime for many people, an intensive spiritual experience for Buddhists and a memorable moment for people of other faiths. It's also very difficult to pull off, so don't plan on it. It requires a good deal of luck.
If you want to give it your best shot, the first thing to do is make sure that ''His Holiness'' is actually in town when you visit. He travels frequently. His website lists his yearly itinerary and an email to the office will confirm his travel dates. While he does give scheduled public teachings, these are crowded. There are some that are only scheduled a few days in advance, so keep your eyes and ears open in Dharamsala. The He no longer gives public audiences, so the ultimate goal is a private audience. His website says he is no longer giving them. This isn't precisely trueHowever, but requests for private audiences are carefully screened and studied - and you have to have a really good reason or an "in"." Go Applicants are asked to provide detailed information on themselves as well as the office of his secretaryspecific reasons why they want to see His Holiness. Private audiences are usually scheduled three times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. In general, requests for individual meetings need to be made very far in advance. Requests made at short notice will not be entertained.
The Dalai Lama's administrative office is in the Tsuglagkhang Complex. When you face his house, which has a gate with Indian guards in front of it, it's the last door on your right, at the end of the complex. This office is open all day, six days a week. The man behind the desk will tell you to apply online and give you the website address. Go to an internet cafe and do it if you haven't already done it and been rejected months in advance so that you can say that you have, but it probably won't get you anywhere. If the receptionist is there alone, then ''His Holiness'' is not giving private audiences. If a bunch of people are there holding slips of paper with their personal information and their passports, he's giving private audiences, they usually occur around noon. There is heavy security and you need a reason. Chat with everyone.
* <listing name="Tibetan Buddhism and language" alt="" directions="" address="" phone="+91 98 0539 1799" email="[email protected]" fax="" url="" hours=" 9AM-12PM and 2PM-5PM. Mon-Sat" price="">Courses include; Tibetan buddhism, Tibetan language, Hindi language.</listing>
* <listing name="Esukhia: Tibetan Language Classes" alt="" address="Bhagsu Rd (near Lhamos Croissant)" directions="" phone="+91-9882004965" url="" hours="9AM-5PM Mon-Sat" price="300Rs/Hr" lat="" long="" road="Road" near="near" lhamos="Lhamos" email="[email protected]" fax="" or="or" package="package">One-on-one tutoring in Tibetan language with native speakers. All levels welcome. Offers hourly tutoring, daily classes, and intense but effective full-time immersion programs.</listing>
* <listing name="NLP, Reiki &amp; Yoga Courses" alt="Therapy &amp; Courses" address="" directions="Dharamkot, Dharamsala" phone="+91 9736727597" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="" fax="">NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic programming.
* <listing name="Tushita Meditation Centre" alt="" directions="" address="" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="10 day course starts at Rs 4,800 ">10 day Introduction to Buddhism/meditation courses, 5 day meditation courses, and more (mostly residential). Silence is held most of the day but there are also discussion groups after philosophy lessons. Situated near Dharamkot, Tushita practices the Tibetan mahayana tradition. Register online or at Tushita. Prices are inclusive of all lodging, lessons and 3 meals a day of very tasty vegetarian food. Set cost per day is around Rs 500 including food &amp; lodging, can provide a gradual introduction to those new to Buddhism.</listing>
* <listing name="Dhamma Sikhara" alt="Vipassana" altaddress="" directions="near Dharamkot" addressphone="" url="" phonehours="" emailprice="" faxlat="" urllong="" hoursemail="" pricefax="">10 days meditation course. You need to register in advance at their web-site []. The course will teach you the Vipassana technique. You have to be completely silent, and you are provided 2 meals and very light dinner. The course is free, but you can leave a donation if you please. The course is a fairly intense form of meditation retreat (14 hr days) in the Theravada tradition. Previous meditation experience is not required as you will be asked to set aside your current practices while learning the vipassana technique. Some would recommend that beginners attend a course such Vipassana ("seeing things as that offered by Tushita which is a mix of meditation, philosophy, and discussionsthey are").</listing>
* <listing name="Yogi Cottage" alt="" address="Bhagsu Rd" directions="Mcleodganj" phone="" url="," hours="" price="" lat="" long="" email="" fax="">Yoga alliance approved Rs 200-500 yoga teacher training programs, reiki lessons for individuals or groups.</listing>
* '''''Pocha''''' - salty tea churned with butter, a Tibetan staple}}
*<eat name="Carpe Diem" alt="" address="Jogibara Rd" directions="300 m or 10 min walk from McLeodganj's central square or chowk, on the left-hand side, one storey above street level" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">International Below-average to terrible quality highly questionable international cuisinechoices, including Mexican, Thai, Italian, and Nepalese. The day's selection of cakes on display. Nepalese staff; small library of books for in-house perusal; occasional live music.</eat>
*<eat name="Chocolate Log" alt="" address="Jogibara Rd" directions="20 min' walk from McLeodganj's central square or chowk, on the left-hand side at the point where the road takes a sharp turn to the right" phone="+91 18 9222 1993" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">A virtual landmark for decades and well-known to most locals, run by a Kashmiri-pandit couple. It is essentially a cake-''cum''-pastry shop with a delightful sit-in café on the upper-level sylvan terrace. Middling to good baked items, coffee entirely disappointing.</eat>
*<eat name="Zomsa Café" alt="" address="Tipa Rd" directions="a few steps off the main square or chowk of McLeodganj; on the right-hand side, between Momo Café and the Herbal Tea Shop" phone="" url="" hours="" price="Rs 10~120" lat="" long="">The newest addition to the McLeodganj coffee scene. Opened its doors in the spring of 2011 and exudes the plushness of interior design that could only be arrived at some considerable expense. A distinctly Western feel belying the all-Tibetan ownership of the establishment, and appropriately populated by hip Tibetan monks working their life away on MacBooks Pros. Coffee (Rs 30~70), tea (Rs 10~40), specialty fruit drinks (Rs 40~80), snacks (Rs 60~80) and breakfast items (Rs 20~50). Coffee here is prepared with highly purified water, as are the drinks and the ice-cubes that go with them. Free wifi but no reading materials.</eat>
*<eat name="Woesers Bakery" alt="" address="Below Black Magic, Jogibara Rd" directions="Down the steps underneath black magic, just past the central temple coming from the square" phone="" url="" hours="7.30AM - 7PM Daily" price="" lat="" long="">A small bakery with a wide range of cakes and biscuits, ever changing. Woeser's makes tasty cakes, cookies and proper coffee for very reasonable prices, to eat in or take away. Real bread baked upon request is also available.</eat>
*<drink name="Cafe Boom Boom the Fifth" alt="" address="Jogibara" directions="halfway to te Tibetan Library" phone="+91 98 1603 2208" url="" hours="8AM-10PM" price="mid range" lat="" long=""></drink> CLOSED
*<drink name="Café Budan" alt="formerly called First Cup" address="Hotel Himalayan Paradise complex, Jogibara Rd" directions="15 min walk from McLeodganj's main square of chowk" phone="" url="" hours="" price="Rs 50~120" lat="" long="">Under the same management as moon•peak espresso; Indian owners with Tibetan staff. The coffee here is only just passable. Good breakfast options The place, which looks like a converted garage, lacks any decor or character. Free wifi.</drink>
*<drink name="Common Ground Cafe" alt="" address="Sewarg Ashram Rd (Tushita Rd)" directions="1 minute uphill from the main bus stand" phone="+91 98 1627 3240" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">This is a gathering point for the local community and visitors to share Taiwanese, Chinese and Tibetan cuisine. Also an events venue, providing a platform for a community-based common ground for learning and exchange. A non-profit business venture which helps generates a sustainable source of income for Common Grounds Project, and vocational training and employment opportunities for a small group of Tibetans in the Dharamsala exile community where unemployment runs high.</drink>
For long-term stays, head down the Yongling stairs on Jogiwara Road; there are about a dozen cheap good places down there, with great views.
* '''Lord Krishna Residency''',Temple Rd, ☎ +91 18 9222 1588)mob mobile +91985769070091-9857690700. Run by a Hindu Indian family, beautiful, clean ,rooms. Great Tea ,coffee and atmosphere.
* '''Hotel Akash''', Jogiwara Rd, ☎ +91 18 9222 1990), []. Run by a German-Indian family, beautiful clean rooms. Great coffee and atmosphere.
*<sleep name="Green Hotel" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="Rs 400-1,000, they also have some newly refubished mid-range rooms from Rs 1,700-2,000" lat="" long="" email="[email protected]" fax="">Simple, clean rooms and very good restaurant. You can refill your water bottle for Rs 10/liter here to save on plastic, internet cafe in the restaurant. Best cakes in town, specially carrot cake.</sleep>
* '''Pink House''', Jogiwara Rd, (''opp Yongling School''), ☎ +91 98 0552 7124 , +91 94 1814 3227, +91 18 9222 1145, [mailto:[email protected] [email protected]], [],[]. Nicer rooms than many of the other budget accommodations. Location off of the main roads makes for a quieter stay. Internet available. 7-10 min walk from Mcleodganj bus stand. Private bathroom, hot water, balcony, WiFi, intercom, Tibetan massage center and TV. Double rooms Rs 600-1100.
* '''River View Apartments''', Jogiwara, Heru Village, ☎ +91 98 1620 6406, +91 98 1629 2228. All rooms with balcony and kitchen.
* '''Snow Crest Inn Dharamsala''', Naddi, Upper Dharamsala, (''3 km from Mcleod Ganj''). ☎ +91 94 1808 6608, []. A short walk from the Tibetan Childen's Village. Views of the Dhauladhar Mountain Range from the roof top restaurant or a private balcony. Internet access, TV and solar heated water for your shower. Rs 600-700 off season, Rs 1,200-1,400 in high season.
* '''Sky Heaven Resort''', Bhagsu, Upper Dharamsala, (''2 km from Mcleod Ganj''). ☎ +91 98162 225107, []. Just 2 kms from the main square of Mcleodganj towards Bhagsu is situated Sky Heaven resort that offers best rooms for the visitors and guests. Friendly and Helpful staff.
* <sleep name="Hotel Valley View Crest" address="Satobari Hills, Near Dal Lake, Naddi, Upper Dharamsala" directions="Just below the hills of Dhauladhar ranges, 5 km from Dharamshala and 3 km from Mcleodganj" phone="+91 18 9222 0091" url="" price="Rs 1,200">25 rooms</sleep>
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