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Many words are also pronounced uniquely in Pittsburgh:
* '''''ee''''' sounds are pronounced as '''''i'''''(as in the word ''bit'') before the letter l. For example, '''Steelers''' is pronounced '''''Still-ers'''''.
* '''''ow''''' and '''''ou''''' sounds are pronounced '''''ah'''''. For example, ''downtown'' is pronounced ''dahntahn''.
* '''Washer''' is pronounced '''''worsh-er''''', and '''wash''' is sometimes pronounced '''''worsh'''''.
* '''Iron''' is pronounced '''''arn'''''.
The people of Pittsburgh are also notorious for speaking '''very fast'''.
See the Pittsburghese website [] for more examples.}}
===Tourist Information===
Pittsburgh's visitor information centers offer maps, brochures and other information for tourists. The '''VisitPittsburgh''' website [] offers more guides and lists of things to do.
*'''Downtown Pittsburgh Info Welcome Center''', on Liberty inside the Fifth Avenue Place building adjacent to Gateway Center, near Point State Park Downtown. Hours: M-F 9AM-5PM (Apr-Oct), 9AM-4PM (Nov-Mar); Sa 9AM-5PM; Su 10AM-3PM.
*'''Pittsburgh International Airport Info Center'''. Hours: M 9AM-4PM; Tu-F 10AM-5PM; Sa 10AM-6PM; Su 2PM-6PM.
*'''Senator John Heinz History Center''', 1212 Smallman Street, Strip District. Hours: all week, 10AM-5PM.
==Get around==
Pittsburgh is often difficult for strangers to get around in navigate because the roads go every which way, constrained by the rivers and hills. Many are one-way and nearly all are narrow, as they were laid out in the days of horse-and-buggy transportation. Those with a GPS navigation device should get around all rightfine. For those without, a taxi is an option until you get used to the roads, but the public transit, operated by the '''Port Authority''' (see below), works quite well for travel within the City. If you do find yourself lost or unsure, however, do not be afraid to ask for help. Most locals are so friendly - and giving directions can be so confusing - that they might just show you to your destination themselves.
===By public transit===
*'''Zones:''' Fare varies depending on the zone you are traveling to/from. These zones are radial, with Downtown as the center. All bus schedules have charts detailing fare structure. The PortAuthority also has a webpage explaining fare structure [].
**'''Base fare''' is $2.2550, and covers destinations within Zone 1, which encompasses the city limits and a few nearby suburbs. Travel within Zone 2, which covers the outlying suburbs, is $3.2575.
**The '''Free Fare Zone''' covers the Downtown core, offering free bus and trolley service. This zone is bound by the rivers and, on the east, Ross and 11th Streets.
*'''Transfers:''' For an extra dollar, passengers can purchase a transfer ticket, valid for three hours to use on any other route (including the one you rode in on, a good money-saver for short trips).
*'''"T" Rush Hour Surcharge:''' The "T" system charges an extra 75 cents during weekday rush hours (6-9AM on inbound trips and 4-6PM on outbound trips).
'''Paying:''' The fare system PAT utilizes can be confusing, especially to visitors. Most bus and all light-rail routes utilize a "pay enter/pay leave" system; If you are traveling INTO or TOWARDS TOWARD Downtown ("inbound"), you pay the fare as you board the bus. If you are travelling OUT OF or AWAY from Downtown ("outbound"), the fare is paid when you reach your destination. Further adding to the confusion, at night (7PM-4AM), ALL fares on all trips are paid upon boarding the bus, regardless of destination. PAT offers a "How to Pay" page on its website [].
===By taxi===
Taxis are a good (if expensive) way of dealing with Pittsburgh's spaghetti roads until you get used to them, at least within downtown and the inner areas of the city itself. However , they can be nearly impossible difficult to hail on the street, except when Downtown and on the South Side and plan in Oakland. Plan to wait a while if you call one on a night or weekend. If you Taxis are downtown, the best bet is to head for the nearest hotel taxi standusually widely available outside of major hotels
* '''Yellow Cab''' ''+1 412'' 321-8100.
Pittsburgh is home to many wonderful museums, including some truly world-class institutions. The '''Carnegie Museums''' in [[Pittsburgh/Oakland|Oakland]] are absolutely spectacular; enclosed in one massive building is the '''Carnegie Museum of Natural History''', with extensive exhibits on paleontology, geology, and biology, and the '''Carnegie Museum of Art''', with classical and contemporary works by many fine artists. Nearby is the '''Frick Art and Historical Center''', which is the home of steel magnate Henry Clay Frick's mansion, now open for tours. In the [[Pittsburgh/East End-North|Strip District]] is the '''Senator John Heinz History Center''', an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution and the largest history museum in Pennsylvania, with six floors of permanent and changing exhibitions on the history of Western Pennsylvania. The '''Toonseum''' in [[Pittsburgh/Downtown|Downtown]] is one of only three museums in the country exclusively dedicated to the cartoon arts.
[[Pittsburgh/North Side|North Side]] is home to quite a few museums - the '''Andy Warhol Museum''' is one of the most comprehensive single-artist museums in the world, with exhibits of the artist's life and work, recreations of portions of "The Factory", screening of films, and educational programs about the Pittsburgh-born artist as well as other contemporary and pop artists. The '''Carnegie Science Center''', a major science museum which is another of the Carnegie Museums, and the '''Children's Museum of Pittsburgh''' are both very popular with kids. The '''Mattress Factory''' is contemporary art on the installation-scale, with several notable James Turrell works in their permanent collection. The '''National Aviary''' allows you to get up close with plenty of exotic birds.
* The '''[[Pittsburgh/South Side|South Side]] Flats''' neighborhood has the most popular and diverse bar scene, and is said to have more bars per block/capita than almost anywhere else in the U.S. Most bars are along a mile-long strip of E Carson St. between 7th and 29th Sts.
* The '''[[Pittsburgh/East End-North|Strip District]]''' is home to some more posh nightclubs, as well as some other bars. This It is a former warehouse district-turned-nightlife area, recalling the Meatpacking District of New York City. * '''[[Pittsburgh/Downtown|Downtown]]''' is home to Market Square and the Cultural District, which offer many great jazz options, such as the Backstage Bar at Theater Square, NOLA Restaurant, and the lobby of the Fairmont Hotel. Downtown is also one of the center centers of Pittsburgh's gay culture, with several gay-owned businesses, bars, and clubs lining Liberty Avenue. A semi-fictionalized account of Liberty Avenue's gay culture is depicted in the television program Queer as Folk. * '''[[Pittsburgh/East End-South|Shadyside]]''' is also an important center for Pittsburgh's gay community, mostly concentrated around Ellsworth Avenue. Shadyside features the popular gay bars 5801 and Spin, and the gay-owned-and-themed restaurant Harris Grill. There are also many salons, spas, gyms, and art galleries in this area that cater to the gay community.
'''Beer''' is very dear to Pittsburgh, highlighted by '''Penn Brewery''', in the [[Pittsburgh/North Side|North Side]], a popular German beer hall and restaurant in a beautiful historic old brewery building, which also hosts an annual Oktoberfest. The new '''Hofbräuhaus Pittsburgh''' on the [[Pittsburgh/South Side|South Side]], modeled after the legendary 400+ year-old Hofbräuhaus in [[Munich]], is perhaps the most authentic you can get without being in [[Germany]]. In addition, East End Brewing and the Church Brew Works are two local breweries whose beers can be found on tap all over the city.
'''Coffee''' is just as important to many Pittsburghers as beer. Some of the best can be found at: '''Enrico's Tazzo d'Oro''' in Highland Park (said to be the best); '''Coffee Tree''' in Squirrel Hill and Shadyside; '''Nicholas Coffee''' downtown; and '''Crazy Mocha''', which has many locations around town. The Strip District also has three roasters, notably '''La Prima Espresso'''.
*<drink name="" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long=""></drink>
*<drink name="Quaker Steak And Lube" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">Quaker Steak And Lube won the Best Chicken Wings Cook-off in 2012. </drink>
*<drink name="Peppi's" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">This "Old Time Sandwich Shop" make subs and "sammiches," their known for their Roethlisburger, Big Whaler, and Italian Cheese Steak.</drink>
*<drink name="Peppi's" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long=""></drink>
*<drink name="Peppi's" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">This "Old Time Sandwich Shop" is known for their Roethlisburger, Big Whaler, and Itallian Cheese Steak.</drink>
*<drink name="Glenn's Frozen Custard" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">Glenn's Frozen Custard was established in 1948 and for 64 years they've been making homemade frozen custard daily. </drink>
''See the [[Pittsburgh#Districts|Districts]] articles for more listings.''
Downtown has the greatest concentration of hotels. It is sometimes possible to get a room at some of the top downtown hotels (the Marriott, the Hilton, and the William Penn, for example) at bargain basement prices ($45-$70) from discount sites such as priceline and hotwire, so do a search before calling the hotel itself. For those visiting the universities or other attractions in the Oakland area, there are a number of convenient options. Airport accommodations, located near the airport outside of Pittsburgh itself, are mostly in [[Robinson Township]] and [[Moon Township]], about 12 miles west of Pittsburgh. Bear in mind that hotels close to the city are booked solidly in advance and/or inflated in price around the time of Steelers home games, so plan ahead.
* Pittsburgh is routinely ranked as one of the safest cities among others of comparable size in the US. Most areas of the city are safe for tourists, and most of the unsafe areas are residential, so tourists are unlikely to visit these areas. Nevertheless, the following neighborhoods should be avoided (especially at night):
.'''The Hill District''' (located between Downtown Pittsburgh & Oakland. .'''Homewood-Brushton''' (located on the far east side of the city). .'''Wilkinsburg''' (located on the far east side of the city). .'''Lincoln-Larimar''' (located on the far east side of the city). .'''Central North Side'''. .'''Hazelwood'''. (located to the southwest of Squirrel Hill/Greenfield).
.'''GarfieldHomewood''' (located on the far east side of the city).
.'''Mt. OliverWilkinsburg''' (located at outside of the top far east of the hill behind the South Sidecity).
.'''BeltzhooverLincoln-Larimer''' (located next to Mt. Oliveron the far east side of the city).
.'''Arlington HeightsCentral North Side''' (located next to Mt. Oliver).
.'''St. Clair VillageHazelwood''' (Located next located to Arlington Heightsthe southwest of Squirrel Hill/Greenfield).
.'''Upper Homestead''' (The Waterfront is still a viable attraction in lower. Homestead.)
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