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By bus or taxi: Well...I don't pay more...and it just worked for me on my last visit...
'''By bus to St. Catherine:''' as of the end of October 2011, there is a regular, twice weekly, minibus service to and from St. Catherine. The Bedouin Bus [] runs on Tuesday and Friday and costs are 50LE each way. Check the website for details on pick-up and drop-off points in Dahab and St. Catherine.
'''By taxi from SSH:''' An experienced Dahab traveller would never pay more than 170 150 LE for the whole cab to Dahab (bargaining generally starts at 300-400 LE, sometimes higher). Decide for yourself, but don't exceed a 250 LE limit. Agree on a price "including all taxes, tips and tickets". Exchange money before you pass the airport customs. If you're stuck drivers will take euro or $, but you might end up paying a bit more.
A tip on bargaining: enter it in good nature. It's not normal for Europeans to have to bargain for everything, but it is normal here.
If you want to avoid the bargaining game, arrange an airport pick up through your hotel or camp. Check at least one week in advance via E-Mail, responding times may vary. 170 150 LE should be the limit for that serviceas part of a package booking.
===By ferry===
* '''Daily excursions to popular sites:''' These are organized by loads of small safari shops all along Dahab's Masbat Bay & inside hotels.
* ''''King Safari Dahab'''' [] on the beach front is an official licensed tour agency. They arrange a large variety of tours and personalised trips, such as camel safaris.They provide set and custom-made trips throughout Egypt, Israel & Jordan. Offering tours and excursions of all kinds, from 1 hour-trips to 1 month-treks, is their specialty. They also organise excursions in the Sinai Desert and the Gulf of Aqaba and offer a variety of overnight and one day excursions with jeeps, camels, Bedouins and hiking. *A friendly independent tour operator is 'Dahab Safari Day Tours'[] who are very popular with all kinds of tourists - individuals, couples, groups and families.
[[Image:BedouinDesertGuide.jpg|frame|right|For a deep desert experience, go directly to the Bedouin]]
Dahab has a plethora of cheap accommodation. All are rather the same, generally offering bungalow/chalet type accommodation at very reasonable prices. For the those on an extreme budget, most have areas where you can sleep on mattresses in the open air, usually for under a dollar a night, including a blanket and pillow.
*<sleep name="Yasmina" alt="" address="El Masbat" directions="Hotel" phone="+20693640461" url="" checkin="12" checkout="12.30" price="100" lat="400" long="">Enjoy the sharp price cuts aimed at stemming losses to the country.
Yasmina Hotel is one of most popular hotels in Dahab as it is clean and friendly and is positioned in the heart of town with hustle and bustle all around it. Yasmina has an outdoor swimming pool, which is perfect for relaxing by after your dives.
All the rooms have en-suite bathroom, air con, fridge, Wireless internet, TV and a phone. This hotel is good value for money and for a clean basic hotel it offers single, double and triple accommodation. or New hotel in the Dahab-Masbat center with really fresh water swimming pool. There is a restaurant, bar, billiards table and place for barbeque.
Hotel Yasmina is in the heart of town with the hustle and bustle all around. It offers air conditioned rooms and a swimming pool to relax in at the end of the day. The rooms are clean and tidy with fridge, TV, phone, and it offers an option between the Bedouin camps and the Hilton style hotels.</sleep>
Room prices for a single camp room (no AC, no bath) should be no more than 30LE., less if you book ahead for a week or longer. The budget traveller heads for the ones run by Egyptians. Some Westerners have bought into camps and try to (nearly) double prices without any noticeable reason. If anyone asks more don't hestitate to go to the next camp, there are plenty.
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