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Travel topics

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By plane
* Differences between [[American English language varieties]] (eg US and British English]])
* [[Money]]..using credit, debit and ATM cards, and exchanging currency
* [[Electrical systems]]
* [[Retiring abroad]]
* [[Singles travel]]
* [[Music tourism]]
===[[Travel accommodation|Sleep]]===
* [[Offroad driving]]
* [[Overland]]
* [[Public transport]]
====By plane====
* [[Fundamentals of flying]] -- as a passenger on commercial flights
** [[At the airport]] -- extended tips for airports
** [[On the aircraft]] -- extended tips for the aircraft itself
** [[Choosing aircraft seats]] -- details for finding a good seat
* [[Tips for flying]] -- a complement to Fundamentals of flying
* [[List Of Airline Baggage Limits]]
* [[Bead shopping]]
* [[Regional coding]]
* [[Duty-free shopping]]
* [[A1GP]]
* [[Calendar of events and festivals]]
* [[Archaeological sites]]
* [[Architecture]]
* [[Christian sites and events]]
* [[Hot springs]]
* [[Muslim sites and events]]
* [[Northern Lights]] (aurora borealis)
* [[Old Towns]]
* [[Winter sports in Austria]]
* [[Winter sports in Switzerland]]
* [[Winter in Scandinavia]]
===Get around===

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