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*'''Otel Arısan''', İnönü Cad. 91 (''in the city centre, near the otogar''), tel ''+90 324'' 714 33 31 (''e-mail: [email protected]''). Clean rooms come with a TV and a balcony, although view is not that spectacular (except the mountain ranges rising steeply behind the city if you are from a flat land). 24-hour solar powered hot water. Attendant in the lobby said there is no need for booking at weekends (at least in spring months). Could be a little bit cheaper but still quite good value for money. Double rooms: 15 YTL per person/night (''non-A/C, shared bathroom facilities'') – 20 YTL per person/night (''A/C, private bathrooms''). Breakfast is provided for an additional fee (between 7-10 am, 3 YTL?). A single room without bathroom or balcony is available for 25TL.
''See also [[Tasucu#Sleep|Taşucu]], which is only 15 km away and where there are more guesthouses located near the shore.''
==Get out==
[[Anamur]] [], [[Alanya]], and [[Manavgat]] on the road west to [[Antalya]]; [[Narlıkuyu|Heaven and Hell caves]] (''Cennet-Cehennem''), [[Cilician Mountains#Other destinations|Maiden’s Castle]] (''Kızkalesi''), [[Mersin]] (2hrs 10TL), and [[Tarsus]] on the road east to [[Adana]]; [[Konya]] on the road north; [[Northern Cyprus]] to the south (via [[Tasucu]] harbour).
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