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Since 2003, '''[[Wikitravel:About|Wikitravel]]''' is the original [[:shared:Copyleft|free]], complete, up-to-date and reliable '''worldwide travel guide''', and the premier travel wiki on the Internet. So far we have [[Special:Statistics|{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}}]] English-language destination guides written and edited by [[Wikitravel:Wikitravellers|Wikitravellers]] from around the globe, and thousands more in other languages (see left navigation bar for the full list). Check out the [[Wikitravel:Help|Help]] page to see how [[Wikitravel:Welcome, newcomers|you]] can edit any page '''right now''', or the [[Wikitravel:Project|Project]] page for more information about Wikitravel and getting involved.
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* '''[[Africa]]'''
* '''[[Asia]]'''
* '''[[Oceania]]'''
* '''[[Europe]]'''
* '''[[Middle East]]'''
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* '''[[North America]]'''
* '''[[South America]]'''
* '''[[Central America]]''' & '''[[Caribbean]]'''
* '''[[Other destinations]]'''
* '''[[Travel topics]]''' & '''[[List of phrasebooks|Phrasebooks]]'''
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| DotMImage=[[File:Rovaniemi pajakyla 2.jpg|none|200px]]
| DotMBlurb= '''[[Rovaniemi]]''' is the capital of '''Finnish Lapland''' and is especially worth visiting during December because it is a home to Santa Claus. Most tourists come to visit '''Santa Claus Village''' where they can meet Santa himself and spend their time in Santapark- a vibrant, underground amusement park. In Rovaniemi you can try all sorts of cold and snowy activities like snowmobile safaris and dog sledding. <small>([[Rovaniemi|more...]])</small>
| OTBPImage=[[File:Gunung Slamet dari Kr Salam.jpg|none|200px]]
| OTBPBlurb= '''[[Purwokerto]]''' is a relatively small but bustling city located in the Central Java province, Indonesia. It is located in the western part of the province, nestled in an isolated valley between Salak Mountain Ranges and the Southern Mountain Ranges. The city is on the foothill of Gunung Slamet volcano, the highest volcano in Central Java. Purwokerto is also the main entrance to climb Gunung Slamet. <small>([[Purwokerto|more...]])</small>
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<!-- Please see [[Wikitravel:How to add travel news]] for help on adding news items here. -->
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<div style="margin:0;background:#f7d4e0;font-family:sans-serif;font-size:120%;font-weight:bold;border:1px solid #de8ca7;text-align:left;color:#000;padding-left:0.4em;padding-top:0.2em;padding-bottom:0.2em;">[[Travel news|Travel Alerts]]</div>
{{newsitem|General strike could disrupt European flights|28 Nov 2012| Flights are likely to be disrupted for three days as a result of the Europe-wide general strike to begin on Wednesday, 28 Nov 2012. The European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) strike action has been backed by unions in [[Greece]], [[Portugal]], [[Spain]] and the [[Canary Islands]]. Passengers booked to fly on all affected European sectors should check the updates on their airline's website.[]}}
{{newsitem|Protests in Cairo|27 Nov 2012| Waves of protesters poured into Cairo’s Tahrir Square today to protest the far-reaching constitutional declaration made by President Mohammed Morsi last week that has essentially granted him unchecked power. Violence immediately broke out with clashes between Morsi opponents, supporters and police leading to more than 500 injuries and at least three deaths. []}}
{{newsitem|Syrian Warplanes Bomb Olive Oil Factory|27 Nov 2012| Syrian warplanes bombed an olive oil factory packed with farmers, killing at least 20 people in the latest regime strike to rip through a crowd of civilians. The bombing comes as the civil war takes a devastating toll on an already beleaguered population. The conflict in Syria started 20 months ago as an uprising against Assad, whose family has ruled Syria for four decades. The conflict quickly morphed into a civil war, with rebels taking up arms to fight back against a bloody crackdown by the government. According to activists, some 40,000 people have been killed since March 2011. []}}
{{newsitem|EasyJet to launch first flights to Moscow outside London|27 Nov 2012| EasyJet will launch the first ever scheduled flights from Manchester to Moscow next spring, when it will also start flying to the [[Russia]]n capital from London Gatwick for first time.The four flights a week service to Moscow will go on sale in the next few weeks. The airline will also launch flights from Manchester to Prague and Thessaloniki in the spring.[]}}
{{newsitem|Conflict in Gaza|16 Nov 2012| The conflict between Israel and militants in the Gaza Strip has presented the first major test for [[Egypt]]’s newly elected president, as he seeks to balance close ties to Gaza’s Islamist rulers and respect for Egypt’s three-decade-old peace treaty with Israel.President Mohamed Morsi condemned Israel’s continuing air offensive against Palestinian militants in Gaza on Thursday, November 15, and ordered his prime minister to visit the embattled enclave, sounding an angrier and more confrontational tone toward Israel than has been evident from Cairo in decades. [[]]}}
{{newsitem|Leonid Meteor Shower 2012|16-17 Nov 2012| Every year at this time, the Leonid meteor shower briefly brightens the sky. While Saturday morning is the peak, there can be Leonid meteors several nights before and after. Be alert as most meteors streak by in a second or less, sometimes in clusters. The best way to see them is to find a nice, dark place with no street lights and as few trees as possible, and look up. [].}}
{{newsitem|Gang violence escalates in Sao Paulo|15 Nov 2012| Violence is gripping [[Brazil]]'s biggest city - at least seven people were killed in Sao Paulo in just one night this week. More than 250 civilians and 100 police officers have died recently as criminal gangs fight the police. It is believed this is a reaction to a crackdown on the operations of the state's largest criminal faction, and to violence used by the police to combat the group. As the battle has spread, innocent people are caught in the crossfire.[[]].}}
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<div style="margin:0;background:#f7d4e0;font-family:sans-serif;font-size:120%;font-weight:bold;border:1px solid #de8ca7;text-align:left;color:#000;padding-left:0.4em;padding-top:0.2em;padding-bottom:0.2em;">[[Travel news|Current and upcoming events]]</div>
{{newsitem| Guatemala Burning Devil Festival |7 Dec 2012| This is a religious festival which usually takes place on December 7th across Guatemala, best celebrated in [[Antigua]]. At 6pm piles of rubbish and giant effigies of Devils/Diablos are burnt in an attempt to rid the country of anyevil presence. In traditional South American Festival fashion there are plenty of fireworks and marimba bands will drown out the crackle of burning cardboard. []}}
{{newsitem|Bridgewater Festival of Lights, Bridgewater|7 Dec- 25 Dec 2012| The festival features an incredible display of 200,000 lights holiday lights, including a huge animated village the entire family can walk through together. You will be able to taste and feel the holiday season, sipping on a cup of hot chocolate while standing beside a roaring fire. Hours of operation are 4:45pm to 8:30pm weeknights and 4:45pm to 9:30pm weekends. This is going to be the last year of the festival. [] }}
{{newsitem| Saint Lucy's Day |13 Dec 2012| This is a Lutheran, Catholic and Orthodox Christian holy day that’s celebrated throughout the world, particularly in [[Sweden]], [[Scandinavia]] and [[Italy]]. St. Lucy Day celebrates, with Advent, the start of the Christmas season as well as the winter solstice. In [[Scandinavia]], St. Lucy Day celebrates the “Festival of Lights.” Scandinavia has some of the darkest winters in the world, so a celebration of light holds much meaning. In the [[United States]] it is celebrated with cookies on the mantel in states for a large number of people of Scandinavian ancestry, often centered around church events. []. }}
{{newsitem| Samurai Festival Tokyo |14 Dec 2012| This Asian festival is a A parade of "47 Ronin Warriors" accompanied by enemy lords, floats, folk dancers and traditional Japanese music with a fife band. The parade starts from Ako Castle and passes passing through the city's busiest streets, and reaches the JR Banshu-Ako Sta. [] }}
{{newsitem|Oaxaca Radish Festival, Mexico |23 Dec 2012| This is a Mexican festival, known as Noche de Rábanos in Spanish. Everyone gathers in the Plaza Zócalo and an exhibition of sculptures made from a type of large red radish which can weigh up to 3.00 kilograms ensues. Sculptures are made to look like to Jesus and other regulars to the nativity scene as well as local folklore characters. This event manages to attract thousands of spectators every year, the event builds up from about a week before with local events organized and artists keeping their radishes fresh by spraying them with water. This event manages to attract thousands of spectators every year, the event builds up from about a week before with local events organized and artists keeping their radishes fresh by spraying them with water []}}
{{newsitem|Traditional Christmas Markets, Germany|23 Nov- 23 Dec 2012| The events are taking place nationwide with over 2,500 markets that will illuminate Germany's town squares. You would be able to see beautifully decorated stalls that offer handicrafts and gifts, festive baked treats, glühwein and delicious regional specialties. All the while, choirs and brass-bands provide festive musical accompaniment. Particularly popular with visitors are [[Nuremberg]]'s Christkindlesmarkt and the Striezelmarkt in [[Dresden]].[]}}
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<div style="font-size:115%;font-weight:bold;text-align:left;color:#000;">[[Wikitravel:Star articles|New &quot;Star&quot; Articles]]</div>
*[[Baltimore/Fells Point]]
*[[Diving the Cape Peninsula and False Bay/MV Aster]]
*[[Staraya Russa]]
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<div style="font-size:115%;font-weight:bold;text-align:left;color:#000;padding:0.2em 0em 0em 0em;">[[Wikitravel:Collaboration_of_the_month#Current_collaboration_of_the_month|We're collaborating to improve]]</div>
{{Current collaboration}}
<div style="font-size:115%;font-weight:bold;text-align:left;color:#000;padding:0.2em 0em 0em 0em;">Books from [[Wikitravel:Wikitravel Press|Wikitravel Press]]</div>
[ Walt Disney World],
[ Washington D.C.],
[ Hiroshima], <small>[ more]</small>
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