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[[Image:tourist_cruising_greenland.jpeg|thumb|350px|Tourist sailing ship cruising past an iceberg.]]
'''Upernavik''' is in [[Northern Greenland]]. It is home to the largest bird cliff, Apparsuit, and very unique wildlife. The town is situated at 72° North, making the open-air museum of the town the world’s northernmost of its kind. Upernavik’s main industry is fishing. Local settlements are spread across the 450km coastline. The sea is frozen from December to June so the halibut are caught on long lines through the ice. Most anglers travel out to their fishing spots on the ice by snowmobile or dog sled. Tourists can do the same and experience the chance to travel across the ice.
[[Image:traditional_greenlandic_kayak.jpeg|thumb|300px|Traditional Greenlandic Kayaks.]]
===Dog sledding===
The best tourist expedition is over the Davis Strait to the fishing areas used by the local fishermen. This is the only way to reach the sites during the winter when the sea is frozen from December to June.
*<do name="Upernavik Tourist Office and Museum" alt="" address="Niuertup Ottup Aqq. B12, 3962 Upernavik, Greenland" directions="" phone="(+299) 96 10 85" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long=""></do>
*<do name="Kayak North" alt="" address="P.O. Box 40, 3962 Upernavik, Greenland" directions="" phone="(+299) 96 10 40" url="" hours="" price="$687-$1400+ depending on length of excursion (7-14 days)" lat="" long="">Small tour operator offering kayak rentals and guided tours. The company can also assist with accommodations if necessary.</do>
*<sleep name="Gina's Guesthouse" alt="" address="B902, 3962 Upernavik, Greenland" directions="" phone="(+299) 52 21 22" email="[email protected]" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="Single: $159 Double $199" lat="" long="">Contact: [email protected]Small hotel, free transportation to and from the airport. Charges for the internet, but fees are relatively low.glOffers breakfast for $22</sleep> *<sleep name="Gina's Hostel/Annex" alt="" address="B102, 3962 Upernavik, Greenland" directions="" phone="(+299) 52 21 22" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="Single $120, Double $160" lat="" long="">Contact: email="[email protected]">Small hostel with 3 rooms and 10 beds. Group discounts are available for groups looking to book all beds. Includes a dining and living room with large tv.</sleep>
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