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==Get in==
===By plane===
Regular scheduled domestic and international flights arrive at '''Blagnac airport''' [], 11 km west of downtown Toulouse. Air France operates flights to/from [[Paris]] flight time of approximately every 30 minutes, which are usually priced around €50 each way, if booked in advance. There are also many flights to major European cities such as [[London]], [[Munich]], and [[Frankfurt]].
To get to the city from the airport, you can take the "Shuttle Bus" [] for €5.00 to either the main bus/train station, or the Jean Jaures or Jeanne D'Arc metro stations in the city center. The journey takes 20 minutes and the bus operates every 20 minutes. The ticket is also valid for transfers onto other public city buses within 90 minutes of validation. Tickets can be purchased from the desk in the airport or the driver. Another option is to take bus 66 to the Patte D'Oie metro station. A taxi to the center should cost €20-25.
'''Airbus''' offers tours of their facilities; the in French and English. The tour takes about 60 minutes and includes a guide who will tell you some background about the company; , the screening of a promotional / historical video, and a look at the A380 production line. Photography is strictly forbidden, and you need to bring a piece of photo identification. Book aheadYou need to book well in advance, especially for an English-speaking tour. Those who have done To get there by public transport, take the tram to Andromede Lycee, then walk west about 15 minutes (you can see the tour before 2006 should note that tours now set off from a new purpose built structure shaped like a cross-section of Airbus buildings in the A380distance). The building can be difficult to find whole trip takes about an hour, so check the website in advancetour is probably only worthwhile for real aviation enthusiasts.
Visit the website of '''Airbus Visit''' [], the unique only company authorized by Airbus to provide tours of the A340, A380 and Concorde.
===Cité de l'Espace===
Websites are in French
*Toulouse is one of the most alternative French cities - maybe due to its huge student population and its historical past with half a million Spanish republican/communist/anarchists 'rebels' that settled in the region after they failed to rebel against Franco and escaped Spain through the Pyrenees during the 'Retirada' in 1939following the Spanish Civil War. So even though the city is trying to get rid of them, it still offers a large number of squats, some of them hosting artistic movements. '''MixArt Myrys''' [] is one of the oldest and most active squat of artists within the city.
*'''La Dynamo''' [] is a club located in a former sex club and a great place to see live bands and other performances - ça bouge! Located in the city centre at 6 rue Amélie (Metro Jean Jaurès).
*'''Restaurant Caves De La Marachale''', 3 Rue Jules Chalande (''Metro Esquirol''). Tel: +33 05 61 23 89 88. 12.00 - 00.00. Hidden away in a cave like setting (as you may have garnered from the name) this restaurant offers a wonderfully intimate atmosphere for a wonderfully inexpensive price. You will feel like you are sitting in an upmarket establishment, but with a three course meal made all from fresh ingredients (menu of the day) costing only €17.50 you, and your wallet, won't have to dread receiving the bill.
*'''La Baie de Morlaix''', 8 Rue de l'Esquile (''Metro Jeanne d'Arc''). Tel: +33 05 61 23 02 49. 10.00-18.00. A small and friendly Art Deco Creperie near the Place du Capitole. For inexpensive yet filling eating you can't go wrong with French Crepes. An excellent savoury option the St Jacques Roquefort is recommended. Prices range from €6 to €10.
== Mid-Range ==
* '''Emile''', 13 Place Saint-Georges (''Metro Capitole''), Tel: +33 5 61 21 05 56. Mon-Sun 12.00-14.00 & 19.30-22.00. A beautiful restaurant originally opened in the 1940's as a hotel. Serving fresh seafood and local specialities from €20 for three courses (although for a , Emile is located in the heart of 'Old Toulouse' at Place Saint-Georges - a quintessential French public square which provides an excellent atmosphere and ambience for al-fresco dining. Alternatively choose the Carte option for a more modern take on class French cuisine. Although expect to pay for it! []
* '''Aux Saveurs Des Paradoux''', 14 Rue Des Paradoux (''Metro Carmes''), Tel: +33 05 61 25 23 23. Mon-Sun 12.00-22.00. A favourite with locals, Aux Saveurs offers generous portions in a small, intimate atmosphere. Specialities include Swimming Lobster, Lamb Stew with House Vegetables, Veal Medallions with Chive Mash and a Carpaccio of Cherries with Mascarpone and Chocolate. After ordering a small plate of Bread and Tapenade is served which helps prepare for the gastronomic delights ahead. Not cheap it has to be said but for the choice and quality of the food coupled with the quintessentially quaint French setting, €30 each for three courses isn't too bad. A bottle of wine (excellent choice from all the classic French wine regions) costs around €15. Due to it being a small establishment, make sure you book for both lunch and dinner to avoid disappointment.
* <eat name="Délicatessen" alt="" address="11 Rue Riquet" directions="Metro François-Verdier" phone="Tel: 05 61 62 49 00" email="" fax="" url="" hours="Mon-Fri 4pm–2am, Sat 6pm–3am, Sun 11am–4:30pm, 6pm–2am" price="">Busy tapas bar with friendly atmosphere that offers meals, a good selection of beers on tap and a real happy hour; tapas here are tasty, cheap and generous (choose 5 for €16.50 - March 2012). It's a popular place so it's better to get there a little earlier in the evening.</eat>
*'''Restaurant Michel Sarran''', 21 Boulevard Armand Duportal (''Metro Compans Cafferelli''), Tel: +33 (0)5 61 12 32 32. Mon-Fri (Excl Wed) 12.00-14.00 & 20.00-22.00. Arguably the finest restaurant in Toulouse. The two Michelin starred restaurant run by the Sarran family strives to do away with the formality of a restaurant and instead invites the guest (not customer) to a familial experience. The food is exquisite with dishes such as Foie Gras, Pidgeon and the finest Beef featuring on the menu. If you are able to afford it, prices start at €98 for a three course evening meal, and are a fan of outstanding French gastronomy then this restaurant is for you.
*'''La Gentymagre''', 3 Rue Gentymagre (''Metro Esquirol''), Tel: +33 05 61 21 38 60. []. Mon-Sat 12.00-22.00. A fine dining bistro which prides itself on presentation, full-on French flavours and good service. It is also quite well known for its Rum Barba which, it is said, is not only delicious but will leave one struggling to walk in a straight line. Taxi! The decor is that of a plush, modern bistro which, in increasingly cosmopolitan Toulouse, is a tremendous atmosphere in which to dine. Average price for a three course meal excluding wine is €40.
*'''Le Pyreneen''', 14 Allée Prés Roosevelt (''Metro Jean Jaures''), Tel: +33 09 65 23 12 19. []. Mon-Sun 12.00-14.00 & 19.00-22.00. Simply put, a quintessential Toulousian brasserie situated near Place du Capitole, Place du Wilson and the charming Hotel De France. Opened in 1925 'Le Pyreneen' has been serving the 'Pink City' Eggs Minosa, Kidneys and Calf's Head ever since. But traditional French fare that may not be to your taste is not all that is offered. St Jacques Scallops with Kidney and Beans is a firm favourite as is the Pigs Trotters and the Steak Tartare. The seafood is some of the best in Toulouse and in high season it is best to get in early to avoid the queues. The interior has been preserved, so you can look forward to being served some of the best brasserie fare in Toulouse in one of the finest examples of Art Deco design the city can offer. Prices start from around €50 for three courses going up to near €100 for A La Carte.

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