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Armação dos Búzios

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Búzios is more than a city, consisting as it does of a peninsula beach resort with twenty beaches and over 200 places to stay, of all categories.
===When to go===
High Season is from November till March and June to July (local when Brazilian schools holidaysare on holiday). Low season is from March till May and August till October.April and May and April can be a very good months to go because it is dry and quieter for families looking for relaxing times.December is the busiest month and it is great for parties, although you may face some lack of basics (water and food supplies) and prices rise substantially. In general, the area can get very congested during the high season, while during the low season there is almost no one there except at weekends.Avoid going in March because it can be quite wet.
==Get in==
Búzios is 176km from [[Rio de Janeiro (city)|Rio de Janeiro]] and 600km from [[Sao Paulo (city)|São Paulo]]. Buses connect the city to those capitals and neighboring cities (especially [[Cabo Frio]]). Long distance buses are operated by ''1001''[]. Driving from Rio de Janeiro is easy. But during the high season parking is extremely difficult in the downtown area and at the main beaches. From Rio de Janeiro cross the [[Niteroi]] toll bridge and head for Rio Bonito on the BR-101 highway. At Rio Bonito transfer to the RJ-128 highway in the direction of Pedagio VIA LAGOS.
==Get around==
All guest houses ("pousadas") supply maps of the area. Make sure you get one as the geography can be confusing. Basically, there is one main road running east-west with roads to the various beaches leading off from the left and right.
Minivans ply several routes around the peninsula. Taxis can be called by the "pousadas" and there is a taxi rank in the town square close to the schooner wharf.
*'''Beaches''' The west- Geribáfacing beaches generally offer calm water while the ones facing the open sea, Azedato the east, Azedinhaattract surfers, windsurfers and kite enthusiasts.  Clockwise around the peninsula, the main beaches are.**'''Praia Rasa'''. First beach on the left as you arrive from Rio de Janeiro. Wind surfing and kite surfing and a few pousadas but a bit off the beaten track.**'''Praia de Manguinhos'''. An extension of Praia Rasa, closer to the downtown area and with more accommodation.**'''Praia da Tartaruga'''.**'''Praia do Canto'''. The harbour for the downtown area rather than a beach. Lots of accommodation.**'''Praia da Armação and Praia dos Ossos'''. **'''Praia João Fernandes'''. This is an upmarket residential area but the beach is disappointingly small and at high tide there is little room.**'''Praia Brava'''. Surfing beach exposed to the Atlantic. Few facilities.**'''Praia Olho de Boi'''. Naturist beach reached by following a 500m trail from Praia Brava. Take your own refreshments.**'''Praia do Forno'''. Attractive toe-shaped beach with one small bar. **'''Praia de Ferradura'''. Large, Forninhosheltered beach for swimmers not surfers. A few bars where the vans stop. One upmarket pousada but little else in the way of accommodation. **'''Praia Ferradurinha'''. Attractive small beach that can get rather crowded. Only reachable by car if you want to pay R10 an hour for one of the few parking places. Park at or take a van to Praia de Geribá and walk. From Praia Ferraderinha the fit can swim to Praia dos Amores (Lovers’ Beach), etcwhere it is said that “two arrive and three leave”.**'''Praia de Geribá'''. Popular beach with many bars and restaurants and pousadas either on the beach or in the blocks behind it or on the overlooking hill. Good surfing location and there are several people offering surfing lessons (look for the upright surfboards in the sand).**'''Praia Tucuns'''. Long, almost deserted beach with no facilities other than a large, unattractive resort at the far end.  *'''Rua das Pedras''' - (street of stones) is a street that gives its name to the downtown area on the north coast that offers restaurants, shopping and nightlife.*'''Statue of Brigette Bardot'''. The peninsula was popularized by Brigitte Bardot in the 1960s, and a statue of her can be found on the sea front a short distance east of the wharf in the downtown area.*'''The views'''. There are several viewpoints (mirantes) around Buzios. On the top of a hill close to Praia Brava there is a tower that offers good views of much of the peninsula. The road up to it is not very good but it is just about reachable with an ordinary saloon car.
*'''Boat trips''' through the beaches
A three 2.5 hour schooner trip goes round the beaches and out to an islandthe islands off the north coast. Fresh fruit is served, and it often stops for an optional swim in the ocean near the beach, and then stops at the beach itself. More than one company provides such tours, and they are easy to find. Just go out on the long dock from downtown and people will be there promoting the next trip with flyers, or go into any . This is the better alternative than using one of the local travel agenciesas, particularly in the low season, they may sell you a trip that is cancelled for lack of passengers and you will then have to wait for the next one offered by the same company. It The cruises cost 30 Real R30 in May 2006August 2012
*'''Scuba diving'''
Búzios is notorious for its sophisticated and therefore expensive restaurants. Even basic places can be much more expensive than would be the case in Rio de Janeiro. This is not the place for a cheap holiday. The new big thing in Búzios is pay-by-the-kilo restaurants; the original was a place called '''Boom''' and now there are about 20 of them. Boom's the good one.
'''David's''' on the main beach street downtown is one of the best casual seafood restaurant's.
Nightlife is huge in Búzios. Búzios is widely known for its sexually open atmosphere. In Brazil, there is a saying, that "no one goes home alone when partying at Buzios". One of the best nightclubs in town is '''Privilege'''. []
Buzios has a particular timing for going out.
Buzios has several numerous options for accommodations from stylish guesthouses to 5-star hotels. During the low season they are almost empty and you should be able to negotiate some good deals.
* <sleep name="Casas Brancas" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="">Family owned for over 35 years, with 32 individually decorated rooms and suites, the Pousada boasts elegant architecture, multilingual staff, and a laid-back atmosphere. </sleep>
*<sleep name="Porto Bay Búzios" alt="" address="Rua dos Coqueiros, nº 10" directions="" phone="55 22 2623 2823" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="" lat="" long="">Boutique lodge with 21 suites in the centre of town. Breakfast can be served near the pool.</sleep>
*<sleep name="Pousada Le Palmier" alt="" address="Rua J VI 14 - Ferradura" phone="+55 (22) 2623-2032"
url="">Nicely decorated pousada with 25 rooms, conveniently located next to the center of town. Rooms have air conditioning and are well equipped. There's a nice pool, a nicely decorated garden. There's also a bar and a pool table. The manager speaks French and English</sleep>
==Get out==
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