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===Public transport===
You can use the public transport system (buses, trams, trolleybuses and maxi-taxis). To get to [[Mamaia]] you can take the 310 mini van called maxi-taxi for 2 RON lei one way but it is very crowded during summer. The stop is in front of the main exit of the Railway Station, after the traffic light, on the side with the park. You can also take the special bus which takes you to [[Mamaia]] and has regular stops around the city and resort, it is a double decker buss and you can find it as you exit the train station in the bus station. (4 RON lei one-way ~ €1).You can also get to Mamaia by taking the 40 or 100 buses (3,5RON 5lei 2 trips ~ €0,8), but those two buses will leave you at the beginning of Mamaia and from there you must walk, take a taxi or a mini van. You should validate your ticket in the machines inside the bus unless you want to get a fine of 100 lei (~€25).A one day ticket for all buses costs 5 lei (~€1,1) and a one week ticket costs 24 lei (~€5). But pay attention that you can not use these tickets for the mini vans called maxi-taxi.
[[Image:autobuze.jpg|thumb|150px|Two public buses]]
===By taxi===
The best option is a taxi. A legal taxi must be painted yellow and must have the fee written with green or black characters on the driver's door. Always insist on starting the meter and try to avoid the cabs with red tariffs right next to the train station who, as in every major city, try to take advantage of tourists. Walk 100 meters from the station and only then wave to a cab. The typical fee from the train station to [[Mamaia]] is maximum €5, €10 to the end of Mamaia (The typical fee is: 1,79lei/km during the day; 2,15lei/km during the night and 2,75lei/km outisde the city limits. The prices are available in october 2011August 2012). You can ask in advance the taxi driver how much does he think the ride will cost. If it is more than €10 do not accept. Taxis do not accept credit card payments.
===By bike===
Constanta has been continuously inhabited for 2500 years so there is a lot to see:
* '''The old Casino''' and the surrounding promenade was opened in 1911. It was built in the Art Nouveau style and conceived by two architects, Petre Antonescu and Daniel Renard (of Swiss extraction but born in Romania).Despite nowadays it's falling apart, it is possible to visit for free, taking an helmet at the entrance. It's an amazing piece of architecture that definitely deserve a visit. []
[[Image:Old_Casino.jpg|thumb|400px|right|Old Casino]]
* '''The statue of Ovid''' (Born 43 BC in Sulmona, died in AD 17 in Tomis/ Constanta). The statue by Ettore Ferrari was erected in 1887 after a public subscription (the same statue can be seen in Sulmona). In AD 09 Ovid was sent in exile by Augustus for obscure reasons. He wrote his Tristia in Tomis.
There are two main cinemas in Constanta.
'''Cityplex''' (in Tomis Mall), Str. Ştefan cel Mare, Nr. 36-40, Tel. +40-241-483-183,;
'''Cinema SudioCinemacity '''(in Maritimo Shopping Center), Maritimo Shopping Center, Aurel Vlaicu Bd. 900498, Tel. +40-341-445-401, [email protected] ;
* '''Can''', Str. Theodor Burada, Nr. 1; Tel. - +40-724-978-822;
* '''Capitol''', B-dul Mamaia, Nr. 69; Tel. - +40-241-520-522;
* '''Capriccio''', B-dul Alexandru Lăpuşneanu, Nr. 89; Tel. - +40-241-542-151;
* '''Casa Ana''', B-dul Tomis, Nr. 17; Tel. - +40-241-553-999;
* '''Casa Tomis''', Str. Remus Opreanu, Nr. 8; Tel. - +40-241-619-486;
* '''China Town''', Str. Zorelelor, Nr. 67; Tel. - +40-241-609-660; Mobil - +40-721-776-699;
* '''Chinese Garden''', Str. Mircea cel Bătrân, Nr. 148; Tel. - +40-241-670-717;
* '''Sabroso''' Bd. I.C. Bratianu, nr. 48; Tel. - +40722 352 998

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