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Travel insurance

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Pre-existing conditions
==== Pre-existing conditions ====
You may have difficulty obtaining travel insurance if you have high-risk pre-existing conditions such as heart disease, or have been diagnosed with contributing factors towards disease (eg , e.g., clotting problems and or high blood pressure both increase risk of heart problems). Note that If asked, you '''must may be required to disclose''' any information about major, existing conditions in your medical history to your insurer when asked, even if you are not seeking coverage for pre-existing conditions; your policy will usually be completely invalidated if you fail to disclose something when asked.
Some policies may cover you with the pre-existing condition excluded. This is obviously undesirable, as ; if your existing disease or symptoms cause you any significant problems, you will have to come home or pay for treatment out of pocket with no reimbursement by your own pocketinsurance.
'''Some policies will cover pre-existing conditions if you sign up buy coverage within a short time after ''booking and paying for '' your travel (often , perhaps 24–48 hhours, a few do others for up to two weeks). Otherwise''' For many people, it's worth some research to find such policies. Failing that, if even possible to have your pre-existing condition covered , you may need to undergo a medical assessment and pay an extra premium for medical insurance. There may also be a moderate or large excessan extra-cost option in the travel policy.
Pregnancy is considered a pre-existing condition. See [[tips for women travellers]] for more information.

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