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While Turkey is rightly renowned for its warm Mediterranean beaches, '''wintersports''', especially skiing, is very much a possibility—and indeed a popular activity—in the mountainous interior of the country between October and April, with a guaranteed stable snowcover and constant below freezing temperatures between December and March. Some more [[Eastern Anatolia|eastern]] resorts have longer periods of snowcover.
Most popular wintersports resorts include [[Uludağ]] near [[Bursa]], Kartepe near [[Izmit]],[[Erciyes]] near [[Kayseri]], Kartalkaya near [[Bolu]], and [[Ilgaz National Park|Ilgaz]] near [[Kastamonu]] in the northwest of the country, and Palandöken near [[Erzurum]], and Sarıkamış near [[Kars]] in the northeast of the country, and Erciyes near [[Kayseri]] in the central part. Saklıkent near [[Antalya]] is touted to be one of the places where you can ski in the morning and swim in the warm waters of Mediterranean down the coast in Antalya in the afternoon, though snowcover period in Saklıkent is desperately short as not to let this happen every year.

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