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Chichen Itza

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== Understand ==
Many tourists visit Chichen Itza as a day trip, especially from [[Cancun]], more than 100 miles away. This archaeological site is also an hour and a half away from Merida, the capital of Yucatan. The Maya communities near Chichen Itza have developed many wonderful sites for travelers to rejoice in the Maya Cultural heritage. It is recommended you avoid a day-trip visit to Chichen Itza and schedule a night or two to enjoy all the activities nearby. This allows time to see more than just a portion of this large site. If you stay a night here, come to the archaeological site early in the day before the sun is so hot, and before most of the day-trippers arrive. This is a large park and usually visitors are on a tight schedule, consider the services of a guide. They can be found in the museum at the entrance and are very nice and reasonably priced. If you tire of their company, they will not be offended if you mention that you would like to visit on your own. A guide can give you information on sleeping overnight at the site. Entrance fee  The site is open Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm. For entrance you have to the area is 177 pay 125 pesos of tax for Adult and 57 pesos for a ticket (Feb 20121/1/2013) and if you want to film with a video camera, you'll need to pay an additional 45 pesos.but its free for taking photos.
=== History ===
By road, Chichen Itza is on the main highway between the capital city of [[Mérida (Yucatan)|Mérida]] and the resort city of [[Cancun]]. If you have time and are looking for a more adventurist route, the "libre' road that runs parallel to the toll highway goes through and by many villages and gives a better feel for the area. If you take the "libre" route, you will need to be more alert for pedestrians and animals on the road, as well as the numerous "speed bumps" you will encounter. If after dark, stick to the toll road. Come by automobile or take the very regular bus service.
ADO bus service from Cancun costs 180 202 pesos one way trip and the trip takes three hours. You'll have about 4 hours to spend on the area if using the faster bus. A cheaper bus is available for 117 122 pesos and with travel time of four hours per direction.
If you are located outside of Chichen Itza, a number of companies organize tours, including '''Adventure Life''', [], '''Tours Aldebaran''' []. Also, '''Chichen Services''' [] which is dedicated to offer travel experiences dedicated to Sustainable Tourism and to financially help the nearby town residents with their community projects and endeavors.
== See ==
[[Image:Chichen itza ruins.jpg|250px|thumb|View from the top of El Castillo]]
These are the vestiges of a fascinating civilization of times past. Well informed guides speaking all major languages are available for hire here, or download a guide book app for your smartphone or you explore on your own with a guide book and map.
* '''The Pyramid of Kukulcan''' or '''El Castillo''' -- the most famous landmark of Chichen Itza. This was a temple-pyramid dedicated to the Feathered Serpent God, Kukulcan. It is nicknamed "The Castle". Sculptures of the Feathered Serpents run down the sides of the northern staircase, and are set off by shadows from the corner tiers on the Spring and Fall equinox. (As of January 2006, you can no longer climb El Castillo.)
At night:
* '''Light & Sound Show''' - This show has been cancelled until further notice!!! (January 2013) If you visited the ruins during the day, you can return re-enter with the same ticket for the night show, which takes places in the center of the ruins. There's a light show and a narrative in Spanish (headsets for other languages are available for a small fee ($25 MN pesos in August 2008)). The show lasts around an hour and while it may not be the most exciting, on a nice night it is a pleasant way to relax, watch the stars and see the ruins lit up. They tell a great tale, which is very well done. If you do stay for the show, keep in mind it will be dark, very dark, when you leave the grounds. Have a flashlight and be familiar with how to get back to the main road, signs are almost non-existant. If you can plan to be there at a "full moon", it will be worth the effort, add to the experience and photographic results. An alternate plan is to arrive in the area in the afternoon, see the Light & Sound Show that evening, the ruins in the morning, and depart the following afternoon - your admission on the first evening grants a discount on the next day, making it about the same price. "Tales of the Maya Skies" - this is a dome planetarium show produced by the Chabot Space & Science Center in Oakland California. It is shown in English and Spanish (alternating) at the Mayaland Hotel. The "Mayan Planatarium" is a new building completed just in time for the celebrations of 12/21/2012; the building is modeled on the Caracol (the observatory) as depicted in the show. Contact the Mayaland for show times. Visit for details about the show.
*'''Toh Boutique''' and '''The Maya Hut''' sells Maya craft, textiles and jewelry. Purchases support the Maya Foundation and the Nature Conservation and Bird Refuge Program, reforesting the region and preventing the illegal hunting of white tail deer and other animals in the area.They also have a tradition of dancing.
*'''Random Vendors''' Vendors are situated in many areas around the ruins selling statues of Mayan gods, paintings on small pieces of leather, obsidian, and other collectibles. They'll tell you it costs a dollar to get your attention, but the price changes when you negotiate.
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