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Stay safe
Crime around the airport is extremely high. Do not change money at the airport. Con artists wait inside the arrival terminal by the baggage carousel. They inform you that they work for the airport and that they do not need any money from you. They snatch your bags out your hands, and lead you to a restaurant where you are told the kitchen is closed. They will all sit around you and demand money before they let you or your bags go. Some may offer to take you to "an affordable hotel" such as Hotel Tahiti. They then lock themselves in the room with you and demand money. They do not settle for anything less than $US10-25. They do not care if you have enough money for food or to get back to the airport. They will threaten you. Be warned.
Avoid the beaches at night. Try not to wear any outwardly expensive items of clothing or jewelleryjewelry. In generally Generally, the Senegalese are not violent. Some people turn to stealing so that they can drink and eat. Overall, though, the Senegalese are an incredibly friendly and hospitable people and you will meet many people who are interested in talking to you.
Senegal is one of the most politicalky stable countries in Africa. The police force is useless for your safety, although they all speak French hence are good to ask directions.
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