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==== Shanghai Airport ====
Alternatively, if flying into Pudong Airport in [[Shanghai]], there are direct buses to Hangzhou. They leave from the 2nd floor parking lot across from Gate 15 of Pudong Airport. According to the Shanghai Airport website, departing, they depart starting 8:40AM, then every 1.5 hours hour on the hour from 10:30AM-7PM00AM till 8:00PM. It costs ¥100. These buses arrive at the Hangzhou Yellow Dragon Sports Center (football stadium), 3km to the west of the city centre. The reverse trip from Hangzhou to Pudong Airport is also possible, the bus leave from the Yellow Dragon Sport Center as well as Hangzhou Xiaoshan Bus ticket office on Tiyuchang Road next to the KFC just west of Wulin Square. Also see below By BUS section.
===By train===
There are frequent high-speed trains connecting Hangzhou and Shanghai. The CRH train (train numbers starting with G) from Hangzhou to Shanghai's Hongqiao Station is 50 minutes non-stop (app. ¥78). Some services have intermediate stops and take 55-60min. The trains have recently been limited to 300 km/h for safety reasons.Although the ticket machines offer Englisch language booking, you need a Chinese ID for finishing the transaction as the tickets are ID bound (You also need to show your passport at the ticket office). If heading back to Shanghai, slower trains (D....) seem to be sold early, so consider booking the return ticket already on arrival.
In addition to Shanghai, Hangzhou Train Station serves trains from Guangzhou, Beijing, Chengdu, and everywhere in between. For destinations further away, such as Kunming and Urumqi, you would first want to go to Shanghai or some halfway-point train station. There is an East Train Station as well, but it is not in such a smart part of town. Trains returning from Shanghai often only stop here rather than at the main station.
*Routes with a "K" prefix are air-conditioned May-September, and heated December-February. These cost ¥2-3, except when both the AC and heat are off, during which time the fare is halved.
*Routes with a "Y" prefix are designated tourist buses, and will take you to or from a tourist destination for ¥3-5. Use Google Maps to check whether your bus drives to your desired direction.
*Routes with a "B" prefix are part of the new Bus Rapid Transit system. These are articulated buses that stop at dedicated BRT stations, which allow you to transfer to other "B" routes without paying an additional fare. The fare of ¥4 is paid on entering the station. These buses are roomier than the usual municipal buses, but are not much more rapid.
For those arriving in Hangzhou by train, note that bus K7 goes from the Hangzhou Rail Station to the West Lake for ¥1.
Fares can be paid in cash (coins or bills, no change given), by using a dedicated bus card, or by tapping the same card used to rent bikes (see below). The fare will be displayed in Western numerals on the bus stop and on the farebox. Some buses just have metal boxes besides the driver where you throw in the money. It seems that nobody really checks how many coins you throw in there, they just trust that you know the fare.
You are expected to board via the front doors and leave through the rear (with the exception of the B routes). Buses have very little empty space even when they are not full (which is not common) so do not plan on bringing baby strollers or other cumbersome items. Be prepared at all times for fast turns and/or deceleration. The suspension usually is not up to modern standards, and the drivers are aggressive.
Hangzhou taxi drivers almost always use the meter as required by law. Trips start at ¥11 and are priced by the kilometer, with surcharges for idling time and trips over 10km. It is advisable to take a receipt each time use you a taxi, should you wish to contact the taxi company or driver at later time to dispute a fare, recover a lost article, etc. Avoid the taxi touts at the train station and major tourist attractions, and instead, use the designated taxi queue or flag one off the street.
Few, if any, of the city's taxi drivers speak English or any other foreign language. It is therefore important that you be able to point out your destination on a map, present the driver with the name of the destination (in written Chinese), or properly pronounce the name of the destination in spoken either the local Hangzhou dialect or Mandarin Chinese. If you have a Chinese acquaintance whom you can reach by cell phone, you can allow him or her to speak to your driver through the phone to convey the desired information.
Hangzhou taxis are not allowed to carry more than four passengers, although you may be able to convince or bribe a driver to allow you to "hide" an extra passenger in the backseat. This can be worth the trouble or expense if it saves your group from needing to take two taxis.
Be careful to choose a bike with air in the front and back wheels, working brakes and appropriate seat height. However none of the bikes were designed for reasonably tall people, so if you have long legs you may end up chaffing your knees on the handlebars. During rush hour, local residents also actively use the bikes. Therefore, most bike stalls will be full and you might not easily find a station with empty racks to return your bike.
Bikes are returned by reinserting them into an empty bike rack and tapping one's card against the top of the rack. Another beep, a solid green light, and the sound of the rack locking will indicate when the bike has been received successfully. Make sure the bike rack lock receives your bike; it if it doesn't, the bike won't be registered returned in the sytemsystem, and you will lose both your bike rental and deposit money and get no refund. The system opens for business at 6:00, and a.m.; bikes not returned by 9:00 p.m. each night must be taken back to the Longxiang Qiao location (24hr), so keep an eye on the clock during evening rides. After ten days from purchase of the card, it may be returned for an 89% refund.
It is perfectly alright to rent bikes and return it within the hour and then immediately rent another bike so you never have to pay a dime.
* '''Leifeng Pagoda''' (雷峰塔)— Located on the shores of the southeast side of the lake and originally built in the year 977, all that remains of the original pagoda is the crumbling foundation, viewable from outside the glass case that it is housed in (Pagoda Remains Memorial Museum at the bottom floor of the pagoda). With escalators, elevators, and a totally new pagoda places on top of the foundation, there is not much to see within the pagoda itself; it was most recently rebuilt in 2000. However, the view of the city skyline is one of the best from here, and some of the smaller seating areas around the perimeter of the pagoda have a nice breeze and view of the structure. One of the 10 Scenes of the West Lake is "Leifeng Pagoda in Evening Glow", but this is best viewed from a distance (across the lake) just after sunset. Keep in mind that the entry fee for the Leifeng Pagoda is very expensive (¥40/person, Oct 2008) and it's not original, just rebuilt, so if your budget is not that huge, consider to not enter the Pagoda. You can still take pictures in front of it.
* '''Lingyin Temple''', (灵隐寺 ''Língyǐn Sì'')— Meaning "heart of the soul's retreat", this temple west of the West Lake is an active Buddhist temple at the bottom of a hill. Nearby you can take a chairlift (40RMB up and downd) to the top of the hill where there is another temple (walking up is also an easy set of stairs below the chairlift). This is one of the 3 oldest and most famous temples in China. There are hundreds of Buddhist stone statues carved into the cliffs in the "Peak Flying from Afar" section next door. You first have to enter the "Peak Flying from Afar" section (45 RMB) and there is an extra fee for Lingyin Temple (30 RMB).
* '''Six Harmonies Pagoda''', (六和塔 ''Liùhé Tǎ'')— Down by the Qiantang River, about a 15 minute cab ride from the lake in light traffic, but it is a pretty road to drive down through all the tunnels and tea fields. Besides the pagoda itself, which is arguably the most prominent of all the temples and pagodas in Hangzhou, there is an adjacent park with hundreds of realistic replicas of the world's most famous pagodas, complete with mini-sized trees in front of the pagoda models.
* '''Zhejiang University of Science and Technology (ZUST).(浙江科技大学)''' ZUST is one of the most beautiful universities in Hangzhou. It is located in the Xiaoheshan high education district. You can visit the university by taking bus K193, K310, J12. If English-speaking people want to teach in Hangzhou, ZUST would be a good choice.
* '''EF English First (Hangzhou) [ 12].(杭州迎福)'''EF Hangzhou is a McSchool franchise as part of the world wide chain English First. It is notoriously bad for employing foreigners without the minimal legal requirements required in China. Parents should be weary of sending their children to EF Hangzhou, as many of the teachers have not undergone any sort of referencing, background or criminal checks. Therefore, they may be vulnerable to forms of child abuse. Foreigners should also avoid working here, as the company pays in cash, and avoids paying Chinese taxation on your behalf.
* '''The Vineyard''', Zhongtian Mansion, 173 Yugu Road, +86 0571 8763 2388. Featuring a menu created by Chef Rueben Marley, Vineyard is the only expat venue in Hangzhou serving authentic American pub foods like Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches, Bacon-Shroom-Melt burgers, and New York style pizza.
* '''Eudora Station''', 101-7 Nanshan Road, +86 0571 8791 4760, 9AM-2AM. Situated on the bustling main drag of Hangzhou, Eudora Station offers top-notch Western food and a wide selection of beers displayed on English menus. Take advantage of their daily happy hour specials and nightly promotions.
* '''L'Amour French Restaurant''', 87 Shu Guang Lu (on the right of youtou bar), +86 57186592191 , []. is a french brasserie serving strictly homemade food in a Shanghaï-Belle-époque themed environment. Closed every thursday.
There are several large popular clubs in Hangzhou that cater to a generally un-sophisticated house music crowd, although they often have famous DJs visiting. Tables are hard to come by later on at night, and usually you cannot book. Tipping the server may help you find a table. Drinks may take a while to come, so perhaps ordering a bottle of liquor and mixers for the table would reduce the amount of time waiting for drinks. Clubs are generally safe, but bouncers are in-effective so stay away from troublebe safe and have fun ,check about the places before you go.
*'''SOS''', Huanglong Road and Tianmushan Road. The big boy of Hangzhou, and is truly massive, with advanced sound and light, and is always full. SOS has fewer regulars, and more out-of-town clubbers.
*<sleep name="New Century Grand Hotel" alt="杭州开元名都大酒店" address="818 Middle Shixin Road,Xiaoshan Hangzhou" directions="" phone="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="" lat="" long="">Hangzhou boasts the highest skyline of all premier hotels in Hangzhou with a height of 218 meters in 47 floors. </sleep>
*'''Culture Plaza Hotel Zhejiang''' Address: 38 Wen Er Road. Email: [email protected] 4-star hotel north of West Lake. It has 174 rooms with high-speed internet access and IDD phone. Facilities include the Super Book Market and the sprawling Wenhua Meeting Room.
*'''Dragon Hotel Hangzhou''' [] 120 Shuguang Road Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China, 310007. 5-star hotel with spacious rooms, free internet access, business and conference center, restaurants, shops, spa, etc. Names itself "smart hotel" because of several technological gadgets.
*'''European Style Holiday Hotel''' [], a four-star hotel right by the banks of the West Lake, near the railway station. Address: No. 18 West Lake Street, Shangcheng District. Phone number: 86-571-28937288, fax number: 86-571-28930799.
*'''Zhejiang Xizi Hotel''' Address: 37 Nanshan Road, Xihu District. Tel. No. 86-21-61226688 Ext. 7800. Near the historic Leifeng Pagoda in the West Lake area. Magnificent views, excellent facilities, and good service.
*'''Zhejiang Narada Grand Hotel''' Address:122 Shuguang Road (Shuguang Lu) Located at the foot of Baoshi Mountain, the Zhejiang Narada Grand Hotel (Zhejiang Shimao Junlan Dafandian) is a five-star hotel close to West Lake, Hangzhou's premier tourist attraction.

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