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The '''Harz''' [] is a low mountain range in the Central Uplands of [[Germany]], famous for its historic silver mines that brought prosperity to the region and to the Kingdom of Hanover. The Harz forms part of the federal states of [[Lower Saxony]], [[Saxony-Anhalt]] and [[Thuringia]].
[[Image:Goslar_Weihnachtsmarkt.jpg|320px|thumb|The Christmas market in Goslar]]
It lies between the river Elbe and Weser in the states of [[Lower Saxony]], [[Saxony-Anhalt]] and, to a small extent, [[Thuringia]]. The range runs for sixty miles from northwest to southeast and is 20 miles wide. The terraced plateaus are made of limestone, sandstone and slate and have been cut by many narrow, deep valleys. The two highest peaks in the area are the legendary and mysterious Brocken (1,141 metres or 3,743 feet high) - just higher than [[Snowdon]] - and the Wurmberg (971 metres or 3,186 feet high), both of which are made of granite. The higher, northwestern area is known as the Upper Harz (''Oberharz'') and the lower, southeastern area is the Lower Harz (''Unterharz''). The highest mountains - around the Brocken - are sometimes called the High Harz (''Hochharz'').
[[Image:Goslar_Weihnachtsmarkt.jpg|320px|thumb|The Christmas market in Goslar]]
The Harz is divided into 2 main regions:
* [[Bad Gandersheim]] — the town's origins can be traced back to the 9th Century, when it was an important administrative centre
* [[Bad Harzburg]] — charming spa town, ancient cable car and base for walks in the surrounding hills
* [[Bad Lauterberg]] — spa town, beautiful shopping street
* [[Blankenburg]] — quaint former East German town and home to an imposing castle
* [[Braunlage]] — the main ski resort and cable car to Lower Saxony's highest peak, the Wurmberg
* [[Clausthal-Zellerfeld]] — a resort in the Harz Mts; its manufactures include textiles and wood products; the town was once a centre for the mining of copper, zinc, and lead ores
* [[Einbeck]] - historic market place with timber-framed houses rich of ornamentation and unique medieval carvings
* [[Goslar]] — gateway to the Harz
* [[Halberstadt]] — playing a piece of music that's scheduled to last for 639 years
* [[Osterwieck]] — historic town is situated on the river Ilse, north of Wernigerode
* [[Quedlinburg]] — its beautiful town centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site
* [[Sankt Andreasberg]] — former mining town
*<eat name="Sonnenberg Hotel" alt="" address="Sonnenberg 8, St. Andreasberg" directions="5km from St. Andreasberg and Braunlage" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long=""> The bar and bistro serves a variety of traditional and non-traditional continental cuisine.</eat>
*<eat name="Bavaria Alm" alt="" address="Torfhaus 38" directions="on the B4 federal road at Torfhaus" phone="05320 331034" url="" hours="9am-12pm daily" price="" lat="" long="">A Bavarian-style restaurant in the middle of the Harz. Food based on Bavarian specialities and a handy location on the main road with plenty of parking (pay and display). A place for a hearty meal after a hard day's walking or sightseeing. They also do a breakfast buffet on Saturdays from 9am-1pm.</eat>
==Get out==
* [[BrunswickBad Gandersheim]]* [[Wolfenbüttel]]
* [[Göttingen]]
* [[Halberstadt]]
* [[Hildesheim]]
* [[Magdeburg]]* [[ErfurtSangerhausen]]
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