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[[File:Kujukurihama_BeachAso crater.JPGjpg|100px|right]]* In The volcano [[BundabergMount Aso]] rum distillery you can take an interactive tour and learn about has the '''history of rum makinglargest caldera'''.* Kujukuri-hama (九十九里浜) beach (''pictured'') in [[Chiba (prefecture)|Chiba]] is, for many travelers (coming in from east), their '''first glimpse of Japan'in the world'': it's the long coastline you see from the plane coming in over the Pacific into Narita.* [[GalwayMurmansk]] is the '''nicknamed "The City of starting point for ice breaker cruises to the Arctic Sea and the Tribes"[[North Pole]].'''  * Comics lovers can '''learn more about the early beginning of comics as well as their development''' at the Belgian Comic Strip Center in [[Brussels]].
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