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Canton (Ohio)

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* '''Hall of Fame Fitness Center''', 2700 Roberts Ave, tel: +1 330 455-4348, []. Open M-F 6AM6:00AM-10PM10:00PM; Sa-Su 8AM8:00AM-5PM5:00PM. This fitness center offers exercise equipment, a track, and an indoor swimming pool, along with other fitness orientated activities. A free pass can be obtained from their website.  * '''Planet Fitness''', 4317 Whipple Ave NW, tel: +1 330-493-9855, []. Open 24 hours M-F; Open 12:00AM Monday thru 9:00PM Friday; Sa-Su 7:00AM-7:00PM.
* '''YMCA''', 405 2nd Street NW, tel: +1 330 456-7141, [].

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