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Torno, one of the most picturesque villages perched on this lake shore , is the starting point for the itinerary to Piazzaga. Following the red arrows to the “strada regia” and the signs to Molina, Piazzaga/Massi avelli you will take the path along a mule track, along which you can find views on the lake, a Roman stone arch and a rich wildlife. You will then get to a stone bridge on a stream and by keeping your left you will head towards the “massi avelli”, erratic boulders where tombs have been graved. You then go ahead to Piazzaga, take a nice break and eat or drink some typical and traditional food in '''the Crotto'''[] and enjoy the impressive view on the whole lake.Then slowly go to Montepiatto and visit the "Pietra Pendula " and go back to Torno.</do>.
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The lakeside villages are more limited with regard to clothes shopping but they do have some designer shops and shoes shops are plentiful. You will also find lots of shops with handmade crafts etc and there are great for gourmet food, wine and olive oil. Menaggio and Bellagio are probably the best for shopping.
However, there are a couple of large undercover shopping centres. ‘Foxtown’ is a large discounted designer outlet just over the border in Switzerland and takes approximately 20 minutes to get there from Como. There is also the ‘Iperal’ shopping centre, located at the northern tip of the lake near Colico. This has an amazing supermarket as well as many other shops, sports, shoes, clothes, make-up, electrical store etc. Como has a few outlets, one of which is Bennett, located at the roundabout where the road is sign-posted to Menaggio which takes you up the westside of the lake. This is not as large as the Iperal near Colico, but it still has a good sized supermarket. On the first level you will find the Bennett supermarket along with a Geox shoe shop, Swatch shop, cafes and a few clothes shops.
Petrol is considerably cheaper in nearby Switzerland, while Diesel is about the same price, (in 2004) so remember to top-up the car in the cheapest place.
Fish predominates in the restaurants on Lake Como (as expected). You will also find that polenta; a golden-yellow Italian cornmeal made from ground maize.
Meat dishes are also on the menus, often pork, beef or chicken, rabbit and venison.
You will be spoiled for choice when eating out on Lake Como. From small pizzeria's to top-end, expensive restaurants, you can be sure to find a place that suits your budget and taste.
Most places to eat are open daily. Some may close one day a week but this varies. Times may be susceptible to change depending on the season.
Typical Costs
Depending on where you are eating, the prices can range from €5 for a good pizza to €25 for a three course meal in a restaurant. However, again it depends on whether you are in a top-notch restaurant where the price can escalate to over €50 per person or whether you are eating somewhere with good food but without all the frills!
* You will enjoy the best food at Gatto Nero [] in Cernobio and the "Locanda" [] on the Comacina island.
* Eat where the Italians eat, so avoid the overpriced and often poor-quality tourist traps! Full meals for 10 Euros or less per person is normal (starter, main course, desert, wine, coffee all included). Restaurants in the historic centre tend to be more expensive approaching 20 Euros. Walk behind Hotel ****** and find a popular pizza-restaurant. Restaurants facing the lake are more expensive. Water from the tap is clean and free, so no need to pay for expensive bottled water.
A multitude of bars and cafes are situated along the shoreline of Lake Como. However, if you want to get away from the busy tourist spots, you can find quaint little bars hidden away up one of the many narrow streets or you can retreat further into the village.
Como it's a stunning city and a wonderful place Please note that when you go to relocate.If the cafè/bar you are retired.Nevertheless normally pay for your drink first at the gorgeous landscape till and then you present your receipt to the amazing views bar staff and they will prepare your drink. In many of the town worth defenetely a visit.Como has a very small nightlife based on open air bars during summer and some electro-music parties/cafès you are charged extra if you want to sit down with your coffee rather than stand at the counter.
During summer season most of the people just go sunbaking on the lake shore and they meet in town during Aperitivo which means buffet food for every drink purchased in a bar: depending on the owner it could go from chips to pasta, pizza, fruit salad and skewers.
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