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===By auto-rickshaw===
Note that auto-rickshaws from Mumbai cannot enter Thane city limits. You will have to change over to another one at the toll-gate.
But nowdays there is no need of a special permit to travel from Thane to Mumbai or vice-versa. You may ask the mumbai rikshaw driver to take you to thane or vice versa.
==Get around==
===By auto-rickshaw===
The most common way to get around in Thane is to hire an '''auto rickshaw'''.
Payment is by meter. The amount to pay, however, is not the amount shown by the meter, but scaled up by a factor which changes whenever there is a rate adjustment. Check the tariff card for the right fare. Ensure Tariff card is stamped & signed by RTO.It is better still to know the approximate km to destination and negotiate the charge lumpsum before hand since the meters are invariably tampered with. e.g Thane to Sion is 15-18 km and fair charge would be Rs. 130-140 (latest rate) but the meter will show Rs.180-190. Thus fixing 140-150 before sitting saves you a lot of headache.Recently the government as made it compulsory for the auto-rickshaws to install an electronic meter which shows the amount and the distance traveled. However, it will take few months for all the auto-rickshaws to upgrade their meters
===By taxi===
* '''Raj Mata''', Ram Maruti road, Thane. Famous for scrumptious vada pav, samosa pav. Be a sport and try this one out, and for a moment forget the calorie counting.
* '''Goras Upahar Gruh''' and '''Goras Gruha''', Gokhale Road for authentic Marathi snacks & sweets from since 1977
* '''Mamledar Misal''', Opposite Zilla Parishad Office, mild = spicy hot, medium = extremely hot; spicy or extra spicy for the bravehearts.
* '''Prashant corner''' Panchpakhadi thane (west) A great place to try ''chaats'' and stuff.
*<eat name="Mahesh Lunch Home" alt="" address="Phokran road 1" directions="cadbury junction" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">Famous for good sea food. Ideal place for non-veg lovers.
Good ambience.</eat>
*<eat name="BBQ Nation" alt="" address="Eastern Express highway service road, Near new RTO, Green Road, Thane(W)- 400 601" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">Famous for Veg and Non-Veg Grill. Very nice place to be with family.Good ambience.Very Very Costly.</eat>
*<eat name="Spices and Sauces, Restaurant" alt="Spices and Sauces Hotel United 21" address=" LBS Marg, Gokul Nagar," directions="" phone="+91 22 4157 9999" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">Attached to hotel United 21, spices and sauces are located 1 km from Thane station. The best place to have Murg Khandari Kebab as certified by Kingfisher Explocity Great Food Guide.</eat>
*<eat name="Dilip Pani Puri" alt="" address="Vegetable Market, Kopri" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="12 am to 11 pm" price="" lat="" long="">Amazing Sindhi Pani Puri and chatand Samosa</eat> 
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