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[[ImageFile:Bern old town clockEverest.jpg|100px180px|right]]* The Zytglogge clock tower (''pictured'') in [[BerneTrekking in Nepal]] plays an '''animatronic show''' each full hour and where you can see some of the locals are proud to tell you itworld's "the highest mountains, including [[Mount Everest]] ''(picture)'longest running act in show business'''".* '''[[ChongqingRetiring abroad]] is claimed to be the '''place of origin of the Chinese dish hot pot''', and the locals are said to be the only ones who are able to stand is a real (spicy) one.common trend these days* There are so many '''bars[[Alexandria to Cape Town by train and bus]]''' along Rue Saint Michel in - recently added [[RennesList of itineraries|itinerary]] that locals call the street ''Rue de la Soif'', ie. '''"thirst street"'''.  with great content
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