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__TOC__ <div> </div> __TOC__ <div> </div> [[Image:Chefchaouen overview.jpg|thumb|350px|An overview of Chefchaouen]]
'''Chefchaouen''' (شفشاون, also ''Chaouen'', ''Chawen'' or ''Xaouen'') is a gorgeous mountain city in northeastern [[Morocco]]. It's no wonder that tourists flock here &mdash; this humble town is the embodiment of almost every Moroccan cliché. The picturesque medina, set against the dramatic backdrop of the Rif Mountains, is filled with white-washed homes with distinctive, powder-blue accents, and the call to prayer rings out of several mosques around the town in chorus. If you've got a few days to relax from the rigors of travel, this is a good place to do it.
Chaouen is particularly renowned for leather artisans, and there are 4 or 5 workshops dotted through the town, whose goods you can find at many of the local stores and in the larger northern cities. Many of the craftsmen in Fes and Tetouan served their apprenticeships here. The choice in local stores is often limited to bags and purses, so if you're up for it take advantage of the workshops where you can tweak a standard design or come up with something entirely your own, even moving beyond traditional leather into snake, crocodile, lizard and more. They can make pretty much anything, from guitar straps and tobacco pouches, to handbags and jackets. It can take a couple of days to make the more complex designs, so head there on your first day, or have it shipped home (£6 within Europe).
* <buy name="Hassan's Workshop" alt="" address="" directions="In the eastern medina, between the old olive tree and the waterfall" phone="+212 065 00717" email="" fax="" url="" hours="9-6ish" price="Variable prices" lat="" long="" email="" fax="">Run by a tremendously approachable man called Hassan, it can be found towards the eastern end of the medina, between the old olive tree and the waterfall. Once you're in the vicinity, just ask for "El Taller de Hassan" and you'll be pointed in the right direction (or call ahead). He speaks fluent Spanish and good English & French, and is totally amenable to any peculiarities or requests you might have. He doesn't look for sales out of his workshop, as he makes good trade through the various local stores and a few overseas bulk buyers, but he enjoys making one-off's, which makes for wonderful craftsmanship, great prices and no hassle.Word of caution: I ordered a pair of boots and a tobacco pouch from Hassan in February 2011. The pouch I got the next day, excellent quality, no problem. But he said the boots would take three weeks to make and he would post them to me. Needless to say, I never got the boots and lost 50 euros in this way. I'd like to think there was a mistake somewhere along the line, but take care when placing large/expensive orders.</buy>
* <eat name="Assadaa" alt="" address="" directions="from Bab el-Ain, take straight up and then left" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="lunch for 50Dh, all included"> This little restaurant occupies both sides of the street, with tables on the road, under a tree, and on a roof terrace. Nice tajine and great cheese salad</eat>
* <eat name="Granada" alt="" address="" directions="2 blocks up from the main square" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="Mains ~ 25 Dh" lat="" long="" email="" fax="">Great fish tajine, great couscous. Open for 30+ years with a super friendly owner/chef!</eat>
* <eat name="Chez Fuad" alt="" address="" directions="opposite Granada" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="" email="" fax="">Also do a great fish tajine, and a shrimp tajine, salad and cous-cous are also very good. Great relation quality/price.</eat>
Alcohol is not readily available but can be found. Mint tea is prevalent (5 10 Dh the cup).
As for the whole of Morocco, avoid tap water for safety concerns, and drink bottled water (6 Dh for a cold 1 lt bottle) or drinks (8 Dh for 1/2 lt coke). Never pay more than 10 Dh for a bottle, even in restaurants.
*'''Hotel Ourzazate''' ''(room Dh 60 per person)'' in the medina is a decent choice with a good location.
*<sleep name="Hotel Andaluz" alt="" address="1 Rue Sidi Salem" directions="in the medina" phone="+212 39-986034" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="120 double" lat="" long="">A popular little budget hotel with a nice rooftop terrace and cool (occasionally damp if on the ground floor) rooms. It's not far from the main road in the medina, most locals can point the way. There is a shared kitchen and guests can use the washing machine upon request.</sleep>
* <sleep name="Hostal Gernika" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="+212539987434" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="150 DH/200 DH (Without bathroom/ With bathroom)" lat="" long="" email="" fax="">Inside the medina, very clean, luminous rooms. Has shared showers, with lots of hot water. Some rooms ensuite. Some rooms have heating ( 250 DH) that is a very nice thing to have during rather humid winter. There is a lovely common room with fireplace and small library. Free wifi. Breakfast costs 30 DH and is worth it. Spanish and French spoken.</sleep>
Definitely avoid Hostel Bab el-Ain, at the entrance of the Medina. It is a dirty place, with cold shower, overvalued (50 Dh/person/night) and a primary destination for touts taking advantage of smoke tourists.
*<sleep name="Darlbakal" alt="Darlbakal Guesthouse" address="Derb Mfarej Qu. Onssar " directions="" phone="+212539989494 " url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="" lat="" long="">Gusethouse with a unique interior , a charming and artistic furniture and an amazing sceneray that you can enjoy while relaxing in the terrace</sleep>
*<sleep name="Gite Talassemtane" alt="850" address="Zoauiya Habteene" directions="Comme Bab Taza, Chefchaouen" phone="00212672743347" url="" checkin="12" checkout="12" price="350 dh40 euro" lat="" long="">At only 12km from Chefchaouen, in Zaouiya Habteene village, in Talassemtane National Pak, our the guesthouse is located. It offers a new vision of traveling to the North of Morocco to encounter Jbala people…Our the guesthouse permits the discovery of the natural and cultural resources de Jbala region, in their authenticity through a supporting and responsible travel. The guests will live the authenticity of Jbala people who willingly will transmit and share their traditions with the guests. Additionally, the guests will explore the enormous richness of Talassemtane Natural Park.Thanks to the Park richness, hiking tours are suggested by our guesthouse to explore the area. Our the guesthouse is an essential element for ecotourism and rural tourism promotion in Zaouiya Habteene village. Walks and hikes are the best way to encounter the people and to perceive the inhabitant ordinary life…
By choosing rural tourism, you support local economy, through generating incomes for the inhabitants.
Our the guesthouse is also a halt for the Rif grand crossingWelcome to our guesthouse, Gite Talassemtane</sleep>
*<sleep name="Pension Cordoba" alt="" address="" directions="north-east of the main medina square" phone="" url="" checkin="" checkout="noon" price="70Dh per person" lat="35.169401" long="-5.261427">very friendly staff, nice welcoming rooms and a big and comfy roof terrace</sleep>
*<sleep name="Hotel Parador"></sleep>
*<sleep name="Dar El Moualim" alt="Apartments" address="Rue Hassan I; , Derb Sidi Bouchuka" directions="" phone="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="from 125 DH Dh per person" lat="" long="">Three apartments in a typical restored house located in inside the ancient medina. Perfect </sleep>*<sleep name="Pension Souika" alt="" address="Drb Kadi alami" directions="100 m from the main square. From the bank and the post office up the hill about 200 m, very near to Al Kasbah (castle)." phone="" url="" checkin="" checkout="12:00" price="Dh 120" lat="" long="">Very cold and very noisy, and very over-priced. It is possible to stay in a beautiful place in Chaouen for travellersDh200 per night - this place is not worth Dh50. Shared bathroom is filthy, looking and the hostal is a magnet for authenticity touts, who hang around the corners outside and independencepester you. If you want to meet those who are here for a hashish-holiday then this is the place for you. Otherwise avoid at all costs! </sleep>*<sleep name="Dar El MoualimRiad Baraka" alt="Apartments" address="Rue Hassan I, 12 Derb Sidi BouchukaBen Yakoub" directions="" phone="0614682480" url="" checkin="12:00" checkout="11:00" price="from 125 Dh per person140-280" lat="" long="">Three apartments in A wonderful guesthouse, very tastefully decorated and friendly. Good WiFi. Book exchange. A truly amazing rooftop terrace with amazing views over the town. English owner is helpful with organising day trips and has good local knowledge. But he does like a restored house inside smoke! Aimed at young flashpackers. The price is very competitive and offers single rooms for the ancient medinalone traveller. Recommended</sleep>*<sleep name="Dar Dadicilef" alt="" address="Derb Hadri - Quartier Souika - Chefchaouen " directions="" phone="+212 (0) 539 882 893 " url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="DH250-DH800" lat="" long="">Centrally located riad with clean and tastefully decorated rooms. Very friendly staff. Excellent breakfast. Nice roof terrace. WIFI signal throughout. Ideal </sleep>*<sleep name="Dar Terrae" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" url="" checkin="" checkout="12:00" price="DH400 room for independent travellers2" lat="" long="">Beautiful riad style building with lovely people looking after it. The owner and his family all speak Italian. Free Wifi. Has a terrace and a lounge to chill in.</sleep>
Travellers hiking in the Rif Mountain area close to the town have had stones thrown at them by armed men to scare them away from areas of marijuana production. While most of the growers may ignore you, some may offer to sell to you as well. While many travelers partake in or even come here specifically for the abundance of marijuana (hashish), understand that it is definitely illegal and heavily punishable. The best way to avoid running afoul of any local growers is to hire a sanctioned local guide.
Watch out for a restaurant close to one of the entrees to the Medina run by a really fat man who will charge you for everything that he gives you on the table. Several restaurant wont write the drinks on the menu and then charge 15 - 20DH for a soft drink. Always make sure you get the right change back some will try to steal five or ten DH. The change of getting tricked is higher in Chefchaouen than anywhere in Morocco and caution should be taken.
==Get out==
'''''Grand taxis''''' to [[Tetouan]] and [[Tangier]] depart from a street just off Plaza Mohammed V.
* <listing name="Tangier grand taxi Tetouan"></listing>is 70DH
There will also be rare taxis to Akchour from a taxi stand nearby:
* <listing name="grand taxis Akchour, Oued Laou, Dar Akouba"></listing>
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