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'''Discover''' is Wikitravel's heading for '''strange but true trivia''' about destinations and events.
Wikitravel will start also featuring interesting [[Travel topics| travel topics]] in this section.
[[Image:Bern old town clock.jpg|100px|right]]* The Zytglogge clock tower (Sometimes referred to as the '''Tibet of the Americas'pictured'') in , [[BerneBolivia]] plays an '''animatronic show''' each full hour and is one of the locals are proud to tell you it's most "remote"countries in the '''longest running act in show business'''"Western hemisphere.* A local joke has it that [[New OrleansFlagstaff]] really does have four seasons: is '''Summer, Hurricane, Christmas, and Mardi Gras'''.* The day trip by train from stretched out along historic [[SaltaRoute 66]] up in the mountains and back is aptly named ''tren a las nubes'' , which runs roughly east- '''the train to the clouds'''west.[[File:Aksum churchGhana_Elmina_slave_castle.jpg|100px|right]]* According to a legendBuilt in 1482, Church of St. Mary of Zion (the '''oldest European structure in Africa'pictured'') in [[Aksum]], [[EthiopiaElmina]] is the Castle (''pictured''repository ) was a notorious slave fort used for moving slaves onto ships bound for other parts of the Ark of the Covenant'''world.* The yearly When visiting the [[CalgaryFaroe Islands]] Stampede fills the city with you are '''Western-themed events''', never more than 5 km (3 miles) away from the most popular being the '''rodeo and chuckwagon racesocean.''' <nowiki>July 6-15 2012</nowiki>* In [[GalwayTrapani]] is you can learn about the '''nicknamed "The City history of salt manufacturing by visiting the Tribes".Museum of Salt'''.[[File:Kujukurihama_BeachDSC02079.JPG|100px|right]]* Kujukuri-hama (九十九里浜) beach [[Urumqi]] (''pictured'') in [[Chiba (prefecture)|Chiba]] is, quite famous for many travelers (coming in from east), their its claim that it is the '''first glimpse of Japanmost inland major city in the world''': it's , that being the long coastline you see farthest from the plane coming in over the Pacific into Naritaany ocean.* In The Caribbean island of [[BundabergSaba]] rum distillery you can take an interactive tour and learn about is known as "The Unspoiled Queen" due to the '''history protection of rum makingits unique ecosystem.'''.* The In [[Tbilisi]] you can '''old town hallclimb up to the ruins''' in [[Leipzig]] was built in 1556 in Renaissance style and remains one of Germany's largest. The position of the tower follows the once-great Narikala Fortress for a '''ancient ideal panoramic view of "golden mean".the city below'''.[[File:Buddha ParkFood Beavertail.JPG|100px|right]]* Buddha Park (In [[Canada]], '''beaver tails'pictured'') outside [[Vientiane]] are not necessarily made out of the animal. It is also a name for a '''bizarre outdoor collection of huge concrete sculptures of Buddhist and Hindu deities and real and imaginary beasts.fried dough topped with icing sugar''' (''pictured'').* Maritiman in The Scottish island of [[GothenburgEasdale]] calls itself is home to the '''"the worldWorld Stone-Skimming Championships.'s biggest floating museum of ships"''' and consists of 19 boats of all sizes.
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