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* '''Amok''' - Arguably the most well known Cambodian dish. A coconut milk curried dish less spicy than those found in Thailand. Amok is usually made with chicken, fish, or shrimp, plus some vegetables. It is sometimes served in a hollowed-out coconut with rice on the side. Quite delicious.
* '''K'tieu''' (''Kuytheav'') - A noodle soup generally served for breakfast. Can be made with pork, beef or seafood. Flavorings Flavourings are added to the customers taste in the form of lime juice, chili powder, sugar and fish sauce.
* '''Somlah Machou Khmae''' - A sweet and sour soup made with pineapple, tomatoes and fish.
* '''Saik Ch'rouk Cha Kn'yei''' - Pork fried with ginger. Ginger is commonly used as a vegetable. This tasty dish is available just about everywhere.
* '''Lok lak''' - Chopped up beefsteak beef cooked quickly. Probably a holdover from the days of French colonization. Served with a simple dipping sauce made from lime juice and black pepper, lettuce, onion, and often with chips.
* '''Mi / Bai Chaa''' - Fried noodles or rice. Never particularly inspiring, but a good traveller's staple.
There is also a wide variety of '''fresh fruit''' available from markets. The prices vary according to which fruit is in season but '''mangoes''' (around Khmer New Year, with up to 9 varieties on sale) and '''mangosteen''' (May/June) are both superb.
Other popular Khmer foods which may be less palatable to foreign travelers foreigners include '''pregnant eggs''' (duck eggs with the embryo still inside), and almost every variety of creepy or crawly animal (spiders, crickets, water beetles) as well as barbecued rats, frogs, snakes, bats and small birds.
== Drink ==
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