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Pisa has regular trains to and from [[Florence]] (usually three per hour), to and from [[Lucca]] (usually every hour) and is also accessible by bus, and has an international airport.
'''Pisa Centrale''' is the main train station of Pisa. [[Rome]] to [[Genova]] trains stop at Pisa Centrale. If you are planning an in-route visit to Pisa, it is also convenient since Pisa Centrale has '''Left Luggage''' service open from 6AM-9PM. Each baggage deposited costs €3 for 12 hr. Else, if you are in the city just to see the Leaning Tower, you could also get down at the Pisa S. Rossore train station which is much closer to the Tower. Do check the train schedule as not all trains would stop there. However there are regional trains to Florence every hour at the 46th minute (as on 9th July 2012).
'''Pisa Galileo Galilei Airport''' ({{IATA|PSA}}) [] is the main airport of Tuscany and is served by several airlines operating hundreds of weekly flights to national and international destinations. Numerous companies offer charter flights to and from a number of European and non-European destinations. Flying to Pisa is really cheap and easy: the most recognized low-cost airlines serve Pisa. The airport is close to the city center - it takes only a few minutes to reach the center by bus, train or taxi. The airport is also within easy walking distance of the center, which takes around 20 min.
* '''Il Montino''', Via del Monte. Great place to get fine pizza and excellent ''focaccine'' at a very cheap price. You can eat there or grab your food to go.
* '''La Stanzina''', Via Calvalca ''close to Curtatone e Montanara, not far from Piazza delle Vettovaglie''. Has very good food at reasonable price in a cozy environment. Many of the recipes come from southern Italy.
* '''Osteria dei Cavalieri''', Via San Frediano''.Very close to Piazza dei Cavalieri''. Quite expensive but very good. You can find typical and traditional recipes from Tuscany.
* '''La Mescita''', Via Cavalca ''very close to Piazza delle Vettovaglie''. An expensive but very good choice. They serve both traditional and more sophisticated food.
* '''Il Campano''', Via Cavalca very close to Piazza delle Vettovaglie. Very typical Tuscan food is served. The recipes are hearty and very good. Prices are not cheap but certainly reasonable. * '''La Reginella''', Via di Gello at via Filzi. 15 min walk from the tower or take bus numebr number 2. Great pizza, and the guy who cooks it is originally from Neaples: ask for Vincenzino: it's awesome to see him at work!
* '''Pizzeria Tavola Calda La Tana''', V. San Frediano. 12 noon-3PM and 7PM onwards. This is a restaurant is frequented by locals. The food is good and reasonably priced compared to other restaurants in Pisa. Staff welcome all the locals and pamper the tourists.
*<eat name="Gelateria Naturale Artigianale De' Coltelli" alt="" address="Lungarno Antonio Pacinotti, 23" directions="" phone="+39 34 54811903" url="" hours="Closed in the winter" price="€2 for two scoops" lat="" long="">Ice cream made using quality ingredients, many of which are locally sourced.</eat>
*<eat name="NamasteIndia Ristorante" alt="NamasteIndia Ristorante Indiano" address="Via S.Bernardo, 34 " directions="Crossing Street to Corso Italia" phone="039-333-7546356" url="" hours="11.00AM-01.00AM" price="" lat="43.71420867733266" long="10.40080189704895">We provide authentic typical Indian food in the heart of Pisa. We are around 5 minutes walk from the Pisa Railway station and exactly in the middle of the way to the leaning tower from the Railway station.</eat>
* '''Trattoria da Cucciolo''', Vicolo Rosselmini 9. The food is very good, reasonably priced (dishes 8 - 15 EUR), and served in a tasteful quasi-homely ambiance. The staff is friendly and helpful.
=== Budget ===
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* <sleep name="Hostel Pisa" alt="" address="via Corridoni, 29" directions="Pisa airport" phone="+39 50 520 1841" url="" email='"[email protected]" checkin="2PM" checkout="11PM" price="From €17" lat="4143°42'25.8785480"N" long="1643°42'25.16566"fax=80"N">FA youth hostel with dorm beds and private rooms. Walking distance from Pisa train central station and Pisa international Airport, 24 hr reception. Free internet with wifiWIFI. Laundry , kitchen. Free walking tour included, street parking (free from eight 8PM-8AM), dining room in-door &amp; out-door, guest lounge, theatre, TV room.</sleep>
* <sleep name="Pisa Tower Hostel" alt="" address="Piazza Garibaldi, 9" directions="" phone="+39 33 1788 6859" url="" email="" checkin="2PM" checkout="10:30AM" price="From €15" lat="" long="" fax="">Free internet, kitchen and more. Only has female dormitories. No dorms for male travellers.</sleep>
* <sleep name="Walking Street Hostel" alt="" address="Corso Italia, 58" directions="5 min walk from the station, 25 min walk from the airport" phone="+39 39 3064 8737" url="" email="" price="From €14" lat="" long="" fax="">Friendly, helpful staff. Great atmosphere. Nice beds and dorm set up. Free wifiWiFi. Breakfast included.</sleep>
=== Mid range ===
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==Stay safe==
As stated in the ''Buy'' section, avoid purchasing sunglasses, umbrellas, and other trinkets from illegal sellers. Definitely steer clear of counterfeit luxury goods. Upon arriving to Pisa, it is not uncommon for tourists to be swarmed by vendors. Some vendors can be pushy or even downright aggressive. Even saying "no thank you" can bring unwanted attention. It's much better to ignore them entirely. Don't worry about being rude.
Even though cheap prices are tempting, especially when traveling on a budget, please remember that recently the Italian police have fined tourists for buying from illegal sellers. These fines can be '''very''' steep (up to €1000). In front of the Tower, there are several legal vendors who have permits to sell items to tourists or anyone else. Be responsible and buy from them. Legal vendors have stalls lined along the main road whereas illegal vendors keep merchandise in a sack, cardboard boxes, or (in the case of fake purses) on their arms.
==Get out==

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