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Grand Cayman

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===By bus===
*'''Grand Cayman Public Bus Transport[]''', Edward St. ''next to the library'', Georgetown, Phone: 945-5100. Licensed buses are identified by blue licence plates. Daily service starts at 6AM from the depot and the schedule is as follows '''from George Town to''':
**West Bay - every 15 minutes, Su-Th 6AM-11PM; F,Sa 6AM-12AM. CI$1.50 each way. {| class="wikitable collapsible"**Bodden ! colspan="3"|Bus routes traveling through George Town |- Every 30 minutes, Su! Line! Route|-Th 6AM| <center><big><font style="background-11PMcolor:yellow; F,Sa 6AM-12AM. CI$1.50 each way. **East End and North Side - Every hour, Daily 6AM-9PM, (F until after 12AM). CI$2 each way. *The system uses color:black"> '''color-coded logos on the front and rear of buses (white mini0-vans) to identify routesRoute 1''':</font></big> </center>**Route 1 (yellow) | George Town to '''West Bay'''.**|-| <center><big><font style="background-color:lime;color:black"> '''Route 2 (lime green) ''' </font></big> </center>| George Town to '''West Bay'''.**|-| <center><big><font style="background-color:#134BF2;color:black"> '''Route 3 (blue) provides ''' </font></big> </center>| '''service between the depot in George Town and Bodden Town'''.**|-| <center><big><font style="background-color:purple;color:black"> '''Route 4 (purple) operates ''' </font></big> </center>| '''service between the depot and '''East End'''.'''|-**| <center><big><font style="background-color:red;color:black"> '''Route 5 (red) goes from the depot to ''' </font></big> </center>| '''service between '''North Side''' and '''East End and North Side'''.**|-| <center><big><font style="background-color:green;color:black"> '''Route 6 (dark green) operates '''from </font></big> </center>| '''service between '''North Side to ''' and '''West Bay'''.**|-| <center><big><font style="background-color:green;color:white"> '''Route 7 (dark green with white numbers) is an '''</font></big> </center>| '''George Town inter-district service for George Town'''.**|-| <center><big><font style="background-color:orange;color:black"> '''Route 8 (orange) runs from ''' </font></big> </center>| '''service between the depot to '''to Hutland in North Side'''.**|-| <center><big><font style="background-color:#134BF2;color:white"> '''Route 9 (blue) runs from ''' </font></big> </center>| '''service between George Town through Frank Sound North Side'''.|}
===By vehicle===
Car rentals are readily available. You must be 21 years old to rent a car. '''Driving is on the left hand side of the road''' and seatbelt use is mandatory. Visitors must get a temporary driver's license from the police station or car rental agency. This is obtained by showing a valid drivers license from their home state, county or parish and paying a US$20 fee (changed from $7.50 feein October 2012). Speed limits are posted in Miles per hour.
Mopeds and scooter rentals are available on Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac. Helmet use is required. Usual daily rate is US$25 for helmet and permit.
The island's most famous excursion is to '''Stingray City''', where boatloads of tourists debark at nearby Stingray Sandbar and squeal nervously while adjusting to the presence of large rays, which they can feed and "pet" while snorkeling in waist-deep water. Once fed, the rays will placidly let you do just about anything to them, including being lifted up to pose for photos while jetting water out of their mouths.
*<do name="Marineland Tours - Amphibious Bus, Boat & Snorkel Adventure" alt="" address="George Town" directions="Facebook - Marineland Tours" phone="345-945-TOUR (8687)" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long=""> It's a Bus! It's a Boat! Hop on our fully narrated tour to discover historic sites and key landmarks around George Town and Grand Cayman. Journey into the sea to snorkel around the coral reef full of abundant marine life, become part of the fish feeding show and also view ancient shipwrecks with our underwater cameras projecting images onto large LCD monitors. YOUR adventure of a lifetime starts with OUR Amphibious Bus, Boat & Snorkel Tour! Duration: Approx 2 hours / Facebook: Marineland Tours / Web: / Email: [email protected]  </do>
*'''Moby Dick Tours - Stingray City''', Phone: 480-626-5429[]. Stingray city tours $40, under 12 $30.
*'''Carib Select Watersports''', P.O. Box 30146,Phone: 888-452-7928.[] Carib Select provides memorable trips to Stingray City that include free transportation to and from the Cruise Ship dock. Specializes in Stingray City tours and snorkeling at Coral Gardens/The Barrier Reef (snorkeling equipment and refreshments included), with photo packages of the excursion burned to CD and ready for purchase on board as you return to the dock.
*'''Native Way Watersports''', Cayman Yacht Club, Phone: 1-345-916-5027[]. Locally owned and staffed with a variety of tours available.
*'''Blackbeard's Nancy''', West Bay Rd, Seven Mile Beach, Phone: 349-949-8988. This replica schooner offers a variety of options, including a dinner cruise.
*<do name="Marineland Tours - Deluxe Stingray City Tour" alt="" address="George Town" directions="Trip Advisor - Marineland Tours" phone="345-945-TOUR (8687)" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">Marineland Tours - Deluxe Stingray City Tour - Enjoy the world famous Stingray City and interact with friendly stingrays by having our certified and knowledgeable tour staff guide you through this once-in-a-lifetime adventure of touching, holding and even kissing stingrays at a waist-deep sandbar. And, we know you deserve the best, so we give you that with our Cayman Explorer Vessel: a state-of-the-art spacious glass-domed boat offering panoramic views, an upper level observation deck, a stern platform that descends down into the water, a full service bar and washroom facilities. Duration: Approx 2.5 hours / Trip Advisor: Marineland Tours / Facebook: Marineland Tours / Web: / Phone: 345-945-TOUR (8687).</do>
*'''Deep Blue Divers''' George Town, Phone: 345-916-1293, Fax 345-947-0116.[http://]
*'''Sunset Divers''' at Sunset House, South Sound, Phone: 345-949-7111, Fax: 345-949-7101.[]
*'''Red Sail Sports''', Seven Mile Beach, Phone: 345-945-5965, Fax: 345-945-5808.[]
Any restaurant food can be expensive on Grand Caymen, even for fast-food.
*'''Rackams waterfront Restaurant & Bar''', 93, N. Church Street, Georgetown, Grand Cayman., Phone: 345-945-3860,, []. Beautiful restaurant with very friendly staff right on the water front only 5 minutes walk from george town ferry terminal. best bar on the island to catch the sun set ; )great value for money
*'''SeaHarvest (at Sunset House)''', South Church St., Phone: 345-945-1383, []. Spectacular Seafood and East and West Indian dishes'' Great value, menus on website. $10-$28.
*'''Reef Grill at Royal Palms''', West Bay Rd., Seven Mile Beach, Phone: 345-945-6358. Indoor and outdoor dining. Great views of Seven Mile Beach and great seafood dishes. $20-$30.
*<eat name="Tukka" alt="" address="898 Queens Highway, East End" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="" price="10-40" lat="" long="">Oceanside gem in the east end. Vegetarian friendly. </eat>
*'''The Retreat at Lookout''', 521 Lookout Road, Bodden Town, Grand Cayman, Phone: 705-719-9144, Skype: retreatatlookout, []. Rates starting at $90/night including full Caribbean breakfast.
* '''Cayman Calypso Villa East End''' <sleep name="" alt="" address=" John McLean Drive, East End" directions="" phone="1 416-691-0033" price="$285-$650" lat="+19.30" long="-81.1024" email="[email protected]" fax="">Sleeps 8, 3.5 bathrooms </sleep>
=== Splurge ===

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