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By plane
===By plane===
There are two airports. The international airport, "Tuimaada," gets regular direct flights from [[Moscow]], [[Saint Petersburg]], [[Novosibirsk]], [[Krasnoyarsk]], [[Irkutsk]], [[Khabarovsk]], and a few other major cities in Russia. It There are also gets a direct flight flights by Yakutia Airlines once a week -on Thursday- from [[Harbin]], [[China]]and from Beijing by S7 air. The domestic airport, "Magan," mostly serves flights within Yakutia, as well as private flights.
During the winter, Yakutsk often has fog, sometimes lasting for days or even weeks. The airport may be closed as a result, or flights can be delayed by several hours. Although Russian airlines do land in some amazingly poor visability, sometimes the conditions are so bad that even Russian pilots will not attempt it. It is not unusual for passengers to Yakutsk to find themselves staying in Magadan or some other alternate city instead, sometimes for days. The airline personnel generally will be most unhelpful in providing information about when you can continue on to Yakutsk, and they will not offer hotel accomodations or meals to passengers who have been stranded. It is advisable to carry at least some emergency money just in case you end up stranded somewhere.
* <sleep name="Polar Star" alt="Полярный звезда" address="pr. Lenina, 24" directions="" phone="+7 4112 34-12-15" email="[email protected]" fax="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="5250+ rubles">The city's premiere hotel, right in the downtown center near the sights, with a cafe, bar, restaurant, business center, bowling (!), and a travel agency. Breakfast included.</sleep>
* <sleep name="Tygyn Darkhan" alt="Тыгын Дархан" address="ul. Ammosova, 9" directions="" phone="+7 4112 43-51-09" email="" fax="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="3,240+ rubles">In the center of the city, hosting it hosts one of the best known local restaurants (see [[#eat|above]]), a souvenir shop, bar, conference room, exercise room, sauna, pool, money change, and breakfast included.</sleep>
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