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*'''Highway 2 - The Hi-Line''', a fabled highway running through northern Montana from the North Dakota border near Bainville to the Idaho border near Troy for 666 miles. The highway runs through the plains and prairies east of the continental divide, through the Fort Peck Indian Reservation town of Wolf Point, through Glasgow, Malta, Havre, Shelby and [[Cut Bank]] until crossing the continental divide, running the south side of Glacier National Park to [[Kalispell]], Libby and the border.
*'''Highway 12''' runs a meandering east to west route from Lolo Pass to the North Dakota border near Baker, through heavily forested, winding roads in the West to the dramatic flats and plains to the East. The highway runs a meandering route from Lolo Pass to Missoula, overlaps with I-90 until Garrison, continues on to Helena, then proceeds for almost 250 miles until merging with I-94 through Miles City, then continues on to the North Dakota border near the southern edge of the state.
According to Ethnologue, in 2001, there were 100 Blackfoot speakers on the Blackfoot Reservation in the counties of Glacier and Pondera. In 1990, there were 1,720 Cheyenne speakers on the Northern Cheyenne reservation in the counties of Big Horn, Meade, and Rosebud.

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